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We asked all you Toolmongers out there about a couple of products recently, and here’s what you told us:

Electric Lawn Mowers: Hot.
The majority of Toolmongers had great things to say regarding their experiences using an electric lawn mower on a small-to-medium-sized yard, though one did complain about charging issues with his cordless model.

Expensive Snap Ring Pliers: Hot.
It’s unanimous.  Don’t waste your time on cheap-ass snap ring pliers!  Good “expensive” ones can be had for $20 to $25 and they’re worth every penny.

House Warranties: Not.
Though a number of commenters indicated that they try to talk the seller into buying a warranty for them during closing, only a few had good things to say about home warranties in general.  There were also numerous complaints of bad service and shoddy workmanship from shady “approved” contractors; one reader even suggested that you ask for the cash instead of the warranty at closing!

Fast Orange Hand Cleaner: Hot.
This question drew a ton of comments, many complimenting Fast Orange’s cleaning power while recommending other products and methods as well.  Check out the post and comments for lots of useful shop cleaning info.  One caveat regarding Fast Orange, though: the grit is a bit tough on sensitive hands.

Look for more Hot or Not soon!


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