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Sizod sent us notice of this deal on an assortment of 42 bits that fit various Leatherman tools including the Charge, New Wave, and Removable Bit Driver — all enclosed in a branded nylon case.  He writes: “At this low a price, this would make a great addition to your Leatherman.  It’s also perfect for when you need to get your MacGyver on.”

It includes a variety of metric and standard hex, Robertson, Pozi, Torx, Phillips, and slotted bits as well as — my favorites — Phillips and standard eyeglass screwdriver bits.

Considering how many of you have expressed fondness for Leatherman tools, we thought we’d pass this along.  A quick Froogle search turned it up for more like $14 to $20 elsewhere.

Street Pricing [Froogle]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]

From Comments: These are double-sided bits and are designed in a special size to fit the tools listed in the post.


8 Responses to Dealmonger: A Leatherman 42-Bit Set for $11.61

  1. Rick says:

    What keeps this from being used for any screwdriver? Or are these strictly only for Leatherman tools?

    It’s hard to tell from the picture if those are individual bits, or double headed bits, etc. Anyone? Bueller?

  2. Stuey says:

    I received this a week ago.

    They are NOT standard bits and ONLY fit the leatherman tools mention above.

    Although they are fairly thin, they are still substantially better than traditional multitool screwdriver bits. Not to mention the variety of bits that you get with the set.

    Oh yea, they are double headed bits. I’m not sure if the sheath can hold both bit cards at once but will try it later if I have a chance.

  3. Craig says:

    The sheath can definitely hold both cards at once. Also, depending on which tool you have and which sheath, the sheath that came with the tool may be able to hold a card or 2 as well.

    Just as a note, some of the bits in this kit are duplicates of the ones that come with the Charge models.

    On the whole though, this kit is an awesome addition to any compatible Leatherman

  4. Stuey, is there a chance these are 4mm hex? That’s the other common hex bit size, and Wiha makes a lot of them. The Boxer-branded micro bit set posted back in November is also 4mm.

  5. Dazrin says:

    Nate, These are not a normal hex bit. They have taken a normal hex and flattened it (same long dimension, but only half the thickness or so). This way it fits in the multi-tool better.

    Here is a good pic from equipped.org:


    Not sure if that will work, but you should be able to copy/paste.

  6. Alan C says:

    Sorry, these will only fit Leatherman multi-tools with sockets. The shaft of the bit is flat (rectangular) and not square as would be on a standard driver. The socket on the tool has to be flat to fold back into the body of the tool.

    I find using the tool as a driver a bit awkward as the folded handle is a funny shape on the Wave and not very smooth. The edges of the tools stick into your hand as you use it.

  7. Stuey says:

    You guys are right – the included sheath can hold both cards, and the “leather” sheath that came with my new wave can hold one card if necessary.

    The bits are 3mm thick, or slightly under 1/8″.

    Alan, I also found the wave’s driver to be a bit awkward as well but fixed that by using the inner handle of the open tool for a slightly better grip.

  8. Chet says:

    This looks like a nice price.
    Check out Loggerhead’s Immix multi-tools. http://www.loggerheadtools.com They have 10 or 20 bits that fit in the handle of the tool and have a magnetic holder at the bottom as a driver.
    I think the 10x has 10 bits and two blades on one side and the 20x has 20 bits with no blades. Saw one recently andy it seemed pretty cool.

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