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Here’s a hammer you’d definitely notice in the bin.  When I first laid eyes on this 4 lb. sledge by Nulpa I was fascinated (of course) with the handle.  I keep thinking that there must be some super secret cool-ass reason for the bumpy, stair-stepped nature of the handle, but try as I might I can’t guess what it might be. 

Maybe the lumps add comfort?  Or perhaps extra grip?  Maybe it’s just a marketing gimmick.  It sure looks different all right, but not really in a good way.

Have any of you Toolmonger’s used such a hammer, and if so was it the experience that you hoped it would be?  Sound off and let us know in comments.

4 lb. Sledge Hammer [Nulpa]
Street Pricing [Froogle]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


5 Responses to Hot or Not: Nupla’s Bumpy-Handled Hammers

  1. Tim G. says:

    Guessing the ribs are to prevent the sledge from slipping out of your hands when you have a light grip on it during some heavy duty ‘sledging’. A light grip would reduce the shock into your hands/arms.. and the ridges would help the hammer flying across the room.

    Thats my guess.. do I get a prize for getting it right? ha


  2. ba614 says:

    I have a dead blow hammer with a grip like that. I thought the grip was wierd looking but after using it I like it. It has a good feel and helps you grip the hammer.

  3. george says:

    I used to use hammers like this at an old job I had.
    Handles are fiberglass, that makes ’em a bit lighter.

    The grip is absolutely perfect for when you are wearing thick gloves. That’s why we used them. They won’t slip while wearing leather gloves.

  4. Tony says:

    Just go the Nupla website.

    Nupla manufactures a broad range of non-sparking and sparking striking tools that include soft faced, hard faced dead blow, sledge and replaceable tip hammers in long and short handles for use in every conceivable industry.

    Nupla Power Drives
    Nupla’s Power Drive line represents the finest heavy-duty Industrial Grade dead blow hammers in the world. From offshore oil rigs, to aerospace assembly, these hammers are the choice of professionals for the most demanding applications and have been the standard in the industry since their introduction over 25 years ago

    Specialty Hammers
    Nupla produces a wide range of specialty hammers for industry applications ranging from Aerospace to tinning hammers. All hammers feature Nupla’s fiberglass pultrusion technology.

    Non-Sparking Hammers & Power Drives
    Nupla offers non-sparking hammers and power drives for petroleum, oil and gas industries.

    Non-Sparking Specialty Hammers
    Nupla offers non-sparking specialty hammers with soft face, removable tip, quick-change tips and cushion blow soft face varieties.

    Long & Short Handle Striking Tools
    Nupla hammers are available in both long and short handles.

  5. Greg H says:

    The original handle design was wood and designed for Halliburton Energy Services and supplied by Duncan Industrial Solutions and National Railway handles. I still have copies of the original blueprints. The idea was to make the grip easier to hold on to in the oily muddy conditions on a rig site. As fiberglass handle became more prominent Nulpa was contacted to manufacture the hammer with the fiberglass version of the handle. We now supply that design to Halliburton with additional modifications to improve the safety and reliability of the Nupla version.

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