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Maybe it’s the fact that it’s springtime here in Texas (which means we have about three weeks of nice weather before turns hotter than the surface of the sun), but I’ve become very interested in swamp coolers again.  We’ve got a little one in the shop, but what we’d really like is one of these 48″ monsters.  Just think of it as four feet of blessed summertime relief.

Polar Cool’s 48″ model features a “heavy-duty” 11 amp pump and weighs in at 350 pounds dry.  There are wheels on the bottom so you can push it around a bit, but if mobility is your thing you’ll probably pay more attention to the built-in fork lift channels.  It’s huge blades push 17,500 cubic feet of air per minute, which should take a relatively large area from hot to not in a hurry.

Of course, you’ve got to remember the limitations of evaporative coolers: if it’s humid out, you’re screwed.  They only cool when the air is dry enough to allow evaporation of the water inside.  So if you’re in Florida, forget it.  If you’re in Arizona, you’re set.  If you’re in Dallas like us, it depends on the day.

Pricing for the big PolarCool starts at $2500, so you’d better start saving your pennies now.

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