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A number of you wrote in to asking when Toolmonger’s two podcasts would be available via iTunes, and I’m happy to let you know that they’re both listed now:

Note: If you have iTunes installed, the links below should take you directly to the podcasts.  You can also find them yourself in iTunes by searching on the podcast names, or by “toolmonger.com” to see ’em all.

Tool Talk: Our weekly podcast (releasing on Mondays) where we run down the top five posts from the last week and answer your phoned-in questions.  We also generally bring a guest on each week.

One Beer Projects: Here we walk you through simple projects that you can accomplish in about the time it takes to drink a beer — you know, all that stuff you should be doing.  This week we explained how to install a ceiling fan and how to patch up those cheap-ass fences new home builders stick you with.

Coming Next Week

On Tool Talk we’re visited by Ray Robinson, an experienced blacksmith who shares some of his stories about getting starting in blacksmithing and learning the art.  Ray’s a great guy who really exemplifies the kind of cameraderie to be found in the tool community.  Watch for this ‘cast Monday morning.

We’ve also got a fun One Beer Project for you: not geting f%#*@# at the car repair shop.  Even if you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll want to check this out as we’ll walk you though some high-tech methods you may not have thought of.  Watch for this one on Wednesday.


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