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These cable anchors from Greenlee help you get the job done fast while keeping cables tight and organized — and looking good in the process.  With one nail and a little yellow anchor, a savvy pro (that’s you) can secure up to eight power (or voice, data, or video) cables to studs or plates. 

The nail holds the anchor to the wall, and cables simply press into the slots. 

They’re made from high impact-resistant material for cold weather durability, and they meet most building code flame retardant requirements.  (Be sure to check your own local codes to be sure.)  They also come in any color you’d like — as long as it’s retina burning bright yellow.

Street pricing starts at $6 for a bag of 25.

Cable Anchors [Greenlee]
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One Response to Greenlee’s Cable Anchor: Eight Cables, One Nail

  1. Crispy says:

    That would be so handy for managing the cabling going around my computer desk. I’m buying some right now.

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