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Abec clued us in to this drill, circ trim saw, and light combo for $99.88 at Sears.  While there are probably other combo kits that’ll give you more options for purchasing additional tools down the road, it’s pretty hard to complain at this price.  It’d make a decent starter set for a homeowner.

Heads up, though: the sale’s this weekend only.

Craftsman 18V 3-Pc. Drill/Saw/Worklight Combo [Sears]


One Response to Dealmonger: 18V Drill, Circular Saw, and Light for $100 at Sears

  1. Abe says:

    I just picked these up at Sears. The drill and saw feel hefty and well made. Drill has excellent balance and two levels on it to help you drill straight holes. Better quality than the DeWalt’s I use at work. The saw I really don’t have anything to compare to but it feels good in my hands. The light. What can you say…it’s a flashlight. I can’t wait for one of the batteries to charge so I can play 🙂

    2 minor complaints. I have zero faith in the “on saw” blade wrench storage and the chrager feels light and flimsy. I’m sure the charger works fine it’s just weird that the battery pack weighs more than it does.

    Abe (Abec)

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