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Once you own a set of beam compasses, you’ll find that you’ll can finally clean up your shop — because you’ll no longer need your massive collection of soda cans, coffee cups, and scrap cardboard to draw straight circles.

These beam compass heads clamp onto just about any material between 5/8″ and 3/4″ thick — but most commonly a stick of spare wood — in order to act just like the compass you used in grade school. 

A pin mounted on each clamping knob holds the heads firmly on the beam.  So if you have, for example, an 8’ piece of metal square tube and a set of these compass heads laying around you can create a 16’ circle then move them to a smaller bit of wood and do an 8” circle with the same compass heads.

Not only are they extremely versatile, they also fit in a drawer a lot better than a 2×4 would.  Street pricing starts at $15 a set.

Beam Compass Heads [Veritas]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


2 Responses to Beam Compass Heads: Draw BIG Circles Like a Pro

  1. Nick Carter says:

    These are also called “Trammels” or Trammel heads (since you supply the beam)

  2. The beam compass is used to scribe a circle

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