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Michael writes: “I got my April Lee Valley catalog and noticed this ‘special buy.’  It’s a little bigger than the Bucket Boss (12″ in diameter and 15″ tall vs. the Boss’s 10″ and 14″) and a little cheaper, but it has less pockets.  One interesting thing about this one is that you don’t need to buy a separate bucket.” 

“FYI, I have a Bucket Boss that I keep my vintage wrenches in.  I bought it to use on job sites, but ended up preferring to use tool bags mainly because stuff was always falling out of the outside pockets.  So, of course, I’m tempted by this one, because it’s different.”

“Yeah, I’m a tool junkie.”

As great as everyone says these are for tools, I’m actually thinking about picking up either this or the Bucket Boss for carrying around cleaning supplies at home.  We have a couple of cats, and we have what we call the “Rapid Emetic Kitty” (REK) kit to hold all the supplies needed to clean up after ’em when they eat plants and barf.  (The joke, for y’all who ain’t laughin’ yet: REK is an acronym that sounds almost exactly like the sound cats make when they yak.)

This would be way better than the soft bag we’re using now.

Tool Bucket [Lee Valley]


2 Responses to Lee Valley’s Tool Bucket: Bigger Than The Bucket Boss, No More BYOB(ucket)

  1. I’ve had a bucketboss for years. The pockets are all but useless. Lots of smaller tools on the walls of a dark, convex space they share with a big-ass drill and extension cord. no thanks.

    Other than the drill, the inside of my bucketboss has a hammer, a speed square, a 32″ level and a big framing square and any leftover screws, bolts and nails that are in my pockets when I finish a job.

    There’s probably a couple pairs of gloves down in there too.

    I keep all my car washing stuff in a bucket too – but not much need for pockets with half-dozen spray bottles and rags that get dumped out to start the job.

  2. Roscoe says:

    I think these work great for a single project. I load up the tools and hardware from the shop in the basement I need and take them to wherever I need them around the house.

    I do have to say, one of my pet peeves is guys who buy new 5-gallon buckets. Surely you’ve got leftover buckets from some project you could wash out and reuse.

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