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Measure, mark, and drill a piece of wood faster than anyone else in the US, and you might take home $1.26 million — or at least $10k, a Roush Racing customized F-150 pickup, and a BBQ party at your house with NASCAR driver Jamie McMurray.  (That’s him in the picture above doing his best with a drill.)

Here’s the skinny: You’ve got to visit a “local retailer or industrial distributor” on one of these scheduled dates to participate.  Once there, Irwin will time you as you measure, mark and drill.  The 45 fastest “tradesmen” overall will pick up two NASCAR race tickets and an Irwin pit crew shirt.  The top 30 will also receive airfare and accommodations to one of the three regional challenges to be held in Dallas, L.A., and Charlotte, NC.

Each of the three regional winners pick up an additional $10,000, two NASCAR race tickets, an Irwin racing jacket, an Irwin tool bag filled with tools, and travel to the “grand prize Challenge” in Phoenix, AZ.

The grand price winner gets the truck and party and will chose from 26 Irwin tool bags to select his or her cash prize.  (Twelve bags will contain $10k, thirteen’ll have $11k, and one will represent the $1.26 million big price — paid out in equal installments of $31,500 over 40 years.)

Whew.  That’s one seriously-tiered prize.  To win the big prize, you’ve gotta beat out everyone locally, 30 other guys from your market, and three other winners, then you’ve got a semi-random 1-in-26 chance of winning.

At least you’ll have the BBQ for sure.

The Ultimate Tradesman Challenge [Irwin]


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