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CNN is reporting that Ford announced a recall yesterday of “over 37,000 of its new 2008 model F-Series Super Duty trucks after reported tailpipe fires in the diesel version of the pickups.”  From CNN:

“Ford said it had received reports of three cases where leaking fuel or oil ignited when trapped in a diesel particulate filter near the tailpipe of the new trucks.  In one case in Texas, a truck’s hot tailpipe set off a grass fire when the driver pulled off the road.”

Considering how popular the Super Duty models are as work trucks here in Texas, I’d imagine more than a few Texas dealerships’ll be seeing these in the near future.

Apparently there’s a fix which involves updating the engine controll software, which CNN said “should” begin today and “could be completed in less than 10 minutes per vehicle.”  Anyone else think that you’ll spend a bit longer than 10 minutes at the dealership?

Ford Recalls 37,000 Super Duty Trucks [CNN]


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