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Ok, I realize this isn’t technically a tool, but I just know that all you live steam guys out there would love this.  My Dad always wanted to take the time to build his own mini steam-powered locomotive, but he never got around to it.

Hell, I think this toy rocks for a couple of reasons: 1) you’ve gotta love steam powered anything, 2) it’s educational, and 3) it’s chock full of all the stuff today’s toys are missing: anything that might, maybe, under some possible circumstances hurt you

Could you get burned by this?  Yes.  Could you spill hot water on your crotch and maybe never have children?  Possibly.  So hey, be careful — and maybe learn something in the process.

The Steambot St-2 [Stenco, look down the page a bit] [via]


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  1. David says:

    so i was just browsing the internet and i thought about how much i love steam locos and tin robots and i thought WHAT IF?!… what if someone make a steam powered tin robot toy, because most of the tin robots are supposed to look like a steam powered man so i would only make sense to make one. and also how did you make this i REALLY WANT TO KNOW!

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