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Our friend Joel over at Dethroner posted a cool bit today about how to wash your car properly at those high-pressure self-serve car washes.  From the post:

“For [Joel’s friend] Mike, washing cars is therapy.  Hell, he’d wash yours if it needed it.  I asked him to explain his technique, honed as it has been through hundreds of washes.  After the jump: his system for a ‘quick wash’ — a sort of pock-me-up for a dirty ride, but something less that a full-blown clay-and-Q-tip makeover.”

First of all, I totally understand where Mike’s coming from.  Back when I had more time to myself, I used to spend a good chunk of the day washing my cars.  The apartment complex I lived in had a “free” high-pressure wash, and it was almost always abandoned in the middle of the day.  So I spent a good bit of time there getting my own therapy.

Anyway, this is a cool post and you should check it out.

Car Wash: The Pinoy Power Shower Hour [Dethroner]


2 Responses to How-To: Wash Your Car at a Self-Serve Car Wash

  1. Rick says:

    Only bit of advice I have about those self-serve car washes is to make sure to check the thermometer before you wash your car.

    I went to college in Syracuse, and it may as well have been the arctic circle – because it was cold, snowy, and nasty from October through May if you were lucky. (side note at one of my best friends’ graduation, it was May 12th, Mother’s Day – and it SNOWED!!) In any case, I digress… My point being that cars tended to accumulate filth rather quickly – and I, being rather fastidious, liked to keep it clean. The only option up there for me back then was one of these self-serve car washes. On one particularly frigid day I happened to drive by the car wash and noticed a few open bays. Well, I began as I usually do with a little bit of a rinse, and started on the passenger side and worked my way over to the driver’s side. By the time I came across the front of the car to put some soap on the passenger side – it had already frozen into a solid sheet of ice!

    I ended up having to quickly run to the driver’s door and open it before it became glued shut – even then I still had to yank pretty hard. Needless to say, I wasted a few quarters that day.

  2. Slav says:

    Using some of the new pressure washers actually makes it tolerable. It’s important to clean the interior portions of the wheels to remove brake dust and other gunk once in a while. I’ve noticed that I get the best results with 600 to 1,000 PSI for cleaning a car. No need to go crazy, but staying clean is important. Makes you feel better!

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