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Though the Wonderlokking website may be difficult to find, Wonderlok Chair glue (thankfully) isn’t.  These little tubes of chair glue are pretty unassuming, but the big fixing power of its formula is a great weapon to have at hand.

Wonderlok is what it is because of how it works.  It’s not the strongest glue ever made to fix a piece of wooden furniture, but it’s preferred by craftsman because of its “ooze” factor.  Wonderlok’s great because you can apply it from the outside of a joint seam and it will penetrate (“ooze”) into the joint to form a solid bond throughout — which’ll hopefully hold your rickety chair or table firm without disassembly.

That’s not bad for a $4 tube of glue.  You can go from wobbly to fixed without anyone knowing — or seeing a bead of glue — in about 2 minutes.

Good stuff.

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3 Responses to Finds: Wonderlok Chair Glue

  1. The properties of this stuff are amazing. It flowed into the grain of the wood, soaking it faster than water would have. Unfortunately as I filled the considerable voids in the much-abused chair joint, it found an opening in the bottom of the hole and most of it flowed out onto the newspaper I’d put down to cover the floor while I was working.

    All in all, I think a goopier product would work better in my specific situation, but Wonderlok’em is probably great in a lot of cases. The packaging is easy to open, the dispensing needles (proboscides, really) are wonderfully thin and flexible, and the odor from the product is fairly low consider that it’s cyanoacrylate-based. Definitely worth picking up a bottle.

  2. Stuart says:

    see also this similar product readily available from Lee Valley:

  3. Dale Dewitt says:

    Try to always use tin-foil or other non-pourus covering to protect the work area. Titechairs can soak through news paper. Titechairs is thinner than water and is 3800lbs PSI strong. TITE CHAIRS/Wonderlok’em is patented technology and has been providing proven/solid results since 1992!

    Thanks for allowing me to comment,
    The inventors son..


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