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We’re seeking someone to assist us in finding the best tool deals on the web.  So, if you’re a master at rooting out the best pricing opportunites around — and you don’t mind working for lousy pay (and, of course, the respect of your fellow Toolmongers), drop us a line via the contact form for more details.  Be sure to include your contact information.


5 Responses to We’re Seeking a Dealmonger

  1. Rick says:

    How lousy is the pay? I can’t imagine that it could be any less fun than my current job.. lol

  2. Trevor D. says:

    Sizod turns in deals quite a bit I think…

  3. ZZ says:

    I can’t say i’m really cut out for this (past keeping rss feed for slickdeals, techbargains, and fatwallet)…. But here’s a heads up, sears is having a sale, and they’ve got sets of gear wrench branded tools on sale too. The $59 set is marked down to $39. Lowe’s apparently has a similar set with the 3/4 socket adapter and some other junk for $49.

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