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Harbor Freight’s website has a deal on assorted seals and plastic washers — a bag of 54 assorted sizes and types for a whopping $1.99.  This isn’t enough to make a trip by itself for or anything, but if you’re headed that way anyway it’s worth picking up a bag or two. 

The Harbor Freight deal bag contains:

  • 12 black neoprene washers
  • 10 black neoprene O-rings
  • 12 black foam washers
  • 6 red poly-fiber washers
  • 6 white plastic O-rings
  • 4 black neoprene cone washers
  • 2 aluminum washers
  • 2 e-style retainers

Plastic rings, seals and washers are nothing — throw away type affairs — until you need one and don’t have anything close to it lying around the shop.  Then it’s a trip to the local big box on Friday (or worse yet Sunday) night to pay retail for them – which sucks.

54 pc. Washer/Seal Assortment [Harbor Freight]


2 Responses to Dealmonger: Harbor Freight Bag-O-Washers

  1. Rick says:

    Where’s Nate?

    Nate, you’re needed at the Harbor Freight store to pick up a bag of these washers, along with some better quality (read: more ‘spensive) collections from other sources. Then, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to devise a testing methodology that will let all of us toolmongers know if these $1.99 bag o’ washers is worth the price of admission.

    Seriously though, I suppose these would be good to avoid a late night trip to the big box or some other source at an inconvenient time… then you can pick up some quality stuff when it’s more cost effective. In any case, really am curious if the quality of these would be on par with the crimped wire terminals that Nate tested a while back.

  2. Rob says:

    I don’t know if it’s all of the big box stores but every one around me stopped selling the individual orings and they now only stock the most common sizes in small kits. I picked up the giant box-o-orings at HF for something like $8 and I’m all set for a while but it’s a shame to see the big box stores become even less helpful (especially after driving out the small, helpful hardware stores).

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