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question-tm.jpgRob wrote today to ask if we’d had any experience with Harbor Freight’s $16 stainless steel solar garden lights.  He writes: “I was wondering if you’ve had any experiences with the stainless steel solar garden lights that HF sells at 2/$16.  I tried a similar set of solar lights from Wal-Mart last year and as so disappointed that I returned them within a week.”

Sadly, we’ve never looked at ’em, so we thought we’d pass the question on to the Toolmonger community.  Have you tried these out, or do you know of another source of reasonably-priced garden illumination?

Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights, Set of Two [Harbor Freight]


3 Responses to Reader Question: How are HF’s Garden Lights?

  1. John says:

    We haven’t tried HF’s, but the set we got from Home Depot last summer for some $30 (for 6) are still going strong today. We got a second set for the backyard, but they’re still in the box.

  2. Pete Hartman says:

    My own opinion is that I’ve never seen solar lights of any brand that put out worth a darn, but then I have a very shady back yard 🙂

  3. John says:

    Yeah, I guess we should be clear on a couple of things — first, solar lights need sunlight during the day! Installing them under a hedge or at the foot of a pine tree will prevent them from doing anything at all. Second, they’re no substitute for 110v lighting. These are ACCENT lights. They’ll throw a little light on a footpath or walkway, but you won’t be able to read a book with them.

    The 6 lights along our front walkway throw enough light that you can see if you’re about to step on anything. They mark the borders of the walk just by their presence (like marker lights on a truck). You can see the light from the street, but they don’t light the yard at all. OTOH, if we want to light the yard, we turn on the porch light.

    For security lighting, install a motion-activated floodlight.

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