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Snap-on recently released a couple of new micro pneumatic tools, including the slick-looking 3″ micro dual action sander pictured above.  Features include a one-piece polymer/composite housing, an oversized trigger — a big deal to anyone who’s had hand cramps from squeezing a trigger you can only get one finger around — and a diffused exhaust exiting at the bottom of the handle.

It spins at 15k RPM free, and draws 2.07 CFM at 90 PSI.  While this is obviously meant for prep work in a paint shop, it’d be incredibly useful around the home shop.  We’re spoiling for one to make small sanding projects easier.  You wouldn’t even need a ton of compressor to drive it.

Other products in the line include a micro surface prep tool, a micro polisher, and a reversible micro drill.  All of ’em hover around the pictured tool’s $130 price — and are, of course, covered by Snap-on’s warranty.

3″ Micro Composite Dual Action Sander [Snap-on, Warning: PDF Link]


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  1. eschoendorff says:

    Now that’s something I can use! I wonder if I could stick the green roloc pads on it…..

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