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Toolmongers Top 5It’s been a very, very busy week here at Toolmonger getting the new podcast out, working on getting it listed in iTunes, and — thankfully — grilling out since the weather’s beautiful right now down here in Texas. 

If you’ve been spending time in the shop, too, and you haven’t had a chance to keep up with Toolmonger this week, we suggest you start with these posts, which our readers helped to select:

Hot or Not? Portable Compressed CO2 Regulator/Tank for Nailers
A few companies are now offering small, high-pressure CO2 tanks with appropriate regulators designed to power low-volume pneumatic tools like nailers, and it seems as though a) readers (on the whole) like the idea, and b) some have even tried their own similar solutions with SCUBA gear.  Check out the comments on this post for more information.

How-To: Replace a Light Fixture
If you’re tired of the crappy fixtures in your bathroom, check out this post in which Sean walks you through the easy job of replacing ’em step-by-step.  It’s just an hour or so’s work, and the results are awesome — especially if you find the kind of sale on light fixtures Sean did.

Test To Failure: Stanley’s Demolition Screwdrivers
Ok, we’ll admit it: as some commenters point out, we didn’t actually test these all the way to failure.  Why?  Mainly because they’re so tough that we’d have had to do something utterly absurd — like putting them in the vise and using a 5′ pipe on ’em — to actually break ’em.  We did drive one clean through a 2×4 — handle and all — with little or no damage, and we pried on everything we could find around the shop.  These are screwdrivers designed to do everything you’re not supposed to do with screwdrivers, and you should have a set.

Hands-On: Cub Cadet’s 4×4 Utility Vehicle
Just think: you’ll be the only rancher in the area with a utility vehicle powered by a 3-cylinder Caterpillar diesel — unless your neighbor’s got $9,000 to spend, too.  Seriously, though, this is a really cool — and really capable — UV.  It’ll haul 900 lbs. in the bed and tow 1,300, and even look good in the process.  Check out our hands-on experience with it, and don’t miss the pictures of the “pimped out” special edition version.

How-To: Convert a Battery Drill to Wall Power
This link to a great post over on Instructables definitely got some attention this week.  Check out comments to see some of our readers’ concerns about the process.  Heads up, manufacturers!  As you can see from the popularity of this post and others like it, this is something Toolmongers want!

New Podcasts!

If you haven’t yet checked out our new Tool Talk podcast, give it a listen.  Podcast listeners get to hear about lots of other stuff we’re doing in the shop, most of which doesn’t make it onto the blog.  It’s a weekly affair now, and the next one’ll be out Monday.

Help us choose next week’s Top 5!

We’d appreciate your help in choosing next week’s Top 5, which’ll be featured here, elsewhere, and in the podcast as well.  While you’re reading TM this week, look out for the “Interesting Post” button at the bottom of the article:


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