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Lightweight circular saws are in this season, and Makita’s jumping into the fray with a 701/4″ model complete with magnesium components designed to bring its weight down to 10.1 lbs — significantly less than other large saws, though not nearly as light as smaller models.

That’s what makes the Makita stand out a bit, though: many of the “lightweight” models we’ve looked at so far this year employ the same techniques, but only on 6-1/2″ or smaller saws.

This one packs a full-sized punch with a large cutting capacity (2-1/2″ at 90-degrees), an easily-adjustable bevel system with stops at 22.5-degrees and 45-degrees, and two built-in LED lights.  Like most saws these days, it’s also designed to blow motor exhaust across the cut to keep it clear of debris.

It’s also quite reasonably priced, starting at around $150, though we found it new via Amazon for $139 right now, and there’s one as of this moment on eBay for around $125.  YMMV.

7-1/4″ Magnesium Circular Saw, Model 5007MG [Makita]
Street Pricing [Froogle]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]


3 Responses to Finds: Makita’s 7-1/4″ Magnesium Circular Saw

  1. MikeR says:

    I’ve got an older Milwaukee 6 1/2 Magnesium saw and like the light weight. These are hot.

  2. bc says:

    i have a porter cable magnesium… i think it two ups the makita… you can angle the “dust blower” and you can change the blades w/o a tool.

  3. T says:

    Hmm. I’ve got the DeWalt 368CSK with composite base plate. Even lighter than the Makita and it’s held up great. I did pick up a cheap Craftsman when I decided to cut plate steeel with an abrasive blade, though. I had concerns about the composite and the sparks. I doubt too many people are doing that, though.

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