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We’ve written about Craftsman’s bottle opener in the past, but what electrician would be caught without a Klien model?  Matt writes: “Klein screwdrivers are the most common and most recognizable tools seen in electricians’ tool pouches, and now they’ve stuck their screwdriver handle on probably the most important tool you can own: a bottle opener.  I especially love the product description: ‘Professionally designed and rigorously tested by an expert team to handle both foreign and domestic applications.’  How cool is that?  I’ve been using mine for over three years now and it’s helped me out of some jams.  They also make BBQ tools with the same cool handles!”

Indeed, this looks like the ticket for your next electricians’ company party — or for kicks when it’s finally Miller-time in the shop.  You can find this on the Klein Tools site, but since they don’t allow direct linking, too bad for them.  Matt passed on the good part, anyway.

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7 Responses to Reader Find: Klein’s “Beverage Tool”

  1. nrChris says:

    I admit to having a very shi-shi bottle opener, custom made to match my Merlin Titanium roadbike, they offered really expensive openers made from scrap seat stay tubing with a sweet little Merlin decal. Other than that, you always have something to open a bottle with–especially in a workshop. Anyone that has been to college can attest to the various crazy ways that bottles can be opened in a pinch. So unless it was an opener that had personal meaning to me or matched a tool set that I really dug, I would not spend the money.

  2. Ohiohead says:


    Do not forget about the “new” Craftsman “rachet handle” bottle opener, it is very nice, durable and still made in the USA!


  3. l_bilyk says:

    Hehehe I have one too. I bring it to parties. People look at me strange

  4. Jeff T says:

    Hey, but if any of the Kleins break, you have to mail them to Klein, right? Why not get all Craftsman ones and just take them to Sears if they break flipping the steak or whatever? That would seem like a better idea. I have a Sears hardware nearby and I was thinking of just spending a little more for each tool I have so I can always just run down there on the way home from work if a tool fails. Having to mail a tool in would just suck compared to that. I mean really, they are only like 2 miles from my house and the service there is second to none.

  5. Brian H says:

    I tend to buy Craftsman for the very reason Jeff T. mentioned… Taking a broken tool into Sears seems a lot easier than mailing the tool into the manufacturer. So I have to ask, Why do so many electricians carry Klein? Is it just a “cultural” thing?

  6. Eddie says:

    Because nothing beats a Klein screwdriver, except “maybe” snap on. If your an electrician who uses one daily to drive and remove 1-200+ screws a day you will come to appreciate Klein’s perfectly milled or machined heads. Craftsman screwdrivers tend to strip light weight, non stressed screw heads very easily (like those used to hold outlets and light switches in place)

  7. Teacher says:

    I have the C-man ratchet handle bottle opener. Open cool ones easily and is heavy enough to double as a weapon should someone try to kidnap your brew.

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