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After spending so much time in the shop lately under and inside vehicles I have come to be very fond of lights.  Any kind of extra light that can be brought to bear on a project is aces with me, with extra points for taking a beating.  The Husky Tough Brite lantern looks like it’d live up to its name.

This rechargeable lantern is rugged in design — made of tough plastic wrapped in a durable rubber hide that raises its survivability factor in the shop many fold.  Another advantage: weather resistance (read: slightly water resistant).

It’s quartz-halogen bulb delivers a “bright beam” according to literature, and its LED area work-light provides up to 70 hours of runtime on a full charge — and won’t need replacing in the lifetime of the unit.  The upper quartz-halogen beam provides up to 1 hour of runtime on a full charge and features an exclusive built-in 120 volt AC charger for use with ordinary household extension cord for recharging.  The unit also comes with a 12 volt DC vehicle charging cord.

Light is good out in the shop or on a project –especially rugged portable light than you can lug around and stick in dark corners.  For under $20, I might have to have one in the near future.

Street Pricing starts at $17.97

Tough Brite Lantern [Husky]
Street Pricing [Froogle]
Via Amazon [What’s This]


24 Responses to Finds: Husky’s Tough Brite Lantern

  1. Delawarekathy says:

    Great design. Amazing amount of illumination for a rechargeable. You press one button to shine the flashlight. In order to leave the light on for hands-free operation, there is another button to lock the flashlight in the ON position. After occasional light-duty use of this flashlight for about 6 months, the hands-free operation button stopped working, so it only operates while holding in the first button, and I cannot set it down with the light on without that lock-on button working. It has a one year warranty, but you have to mail it in at your expense with proof of purchase. I hope I can find my receipt.

  2. steve in Jersey says:

    I have owned this model HSK144 for only 18 months and it will no longer take a charge.

    It has been used briefly just a few times and has been fully charged from A/C only four times, each time from nearly dead to full.

    I don’t remember what store I bought it at, but it must be out of warrantee.

    Any suggestions? Email with subject=Husky to h98res-movingout@yahoo.com

  3. Temple says:


    Where does one find the replacement rechargeable batteries for the HSK144
    rechargable lantern

  4. Sean says:

    did anybody find where to get a replacement batteries for the hsk144 thanks


  5. Dave says:

    This flashlight has never worked from the beginning, now it will not charge, what can I do. Does anyone have a contact number for Husky?

  6. MICHAEL says:

    I’ve lost the recharging cord. Can anyone help me find another?

  7. Frank Crothers says:

    How much for a new battery and do you have a diagram that shows me how to get the on and off switch spring back in. It popped out when I took the case off.

  8. David Nelson says:

    I have a Husky rechargeable Lantern, model HSK 146. Trying to find where I can get a charge cord to recharge the battery. I live in Bradenton Florida is there a place to find one. Bought it 4 yrs ago at Home Depot and they don’t carry it anymore.
    Hopefully you can help me.

  9. Don says:

    I’m in the same boat as the rest, I can’t get my HSK144 to recharge. I found that I can use a simple extension cord to recharge it, but it wont take a charge. This worked for a month or more and then stopped being worth the my time. What a piece of junk this thing is. I read on the side that the batteries are non replaceable. I bought mine at Home Depot, shame on them for selling crap like this. This is know as a Lost Leader, they sell cheap shit like this to get you into the store.
    I guess Home Despot are going the way of Sears, bait and switch. Has anyone been able to find a website for Husky? For the company Husky that is responsible for making this worthless door stop?

  10. Don says:

    I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!

  11. Shell says:

    Having had a issue with a Husky power tool and basically being told the unit was not repairable, I actually wrote down the full name, two phone numbers, the extension number and yes I am going to reveal all this. All you need is the model number, and your original receipt and you will be set.

    The Husky contact’s name is Joselyn Carrasquillo, her two phone numbers are (770) 433-8211 or 1-800-654-0688 and her extension number is 76051. The listed fax number she provided is(678) 556-7614 as well.

    Apparently her work schedule is is Monday through Friday 9:15am until 6:15pm EST. So you don’t reach her, I would recommend trying again.

    Hope this helps.

  12. Louis Grue Jr. says:

    I need a new 6volt-15w bulb for my HSK-144 Thank you !

  13. Freddy Ries says:

    I have a none working HSK144. Were and how do you get it fixed. Dead battery or bad bulb. Don’t know just don’t take a charge.

  14. Home Depot Associate says:

    Hello, the correct number to call for Husky is 1-877-527-0313

    Calling an agent directly may not yield a response since it is a call center.

  15. DAVE says:

    I have a husky 146 lantern i have been trying to charge it for three days.I used a extension cord to charge it all the time over night and it worked.But now its been three days and nothing i even tryed plugging it in to andother outlet and still it is dead.I guess this was a waste of money these companys do not stand behine the products like they say.All they want is to try to sell it to you then for get about you i am upset by this i do not think this is right at all.

  16. Lee says:

    My problem is identical to most of these: Rechargeable Lantern won’t recharge and, consequently, will not work. Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

  17. Joolz says:

    Here’s some useful info on the Husky Rechargeable Tough Brite Lantern model HSK146

    I just recently obtained a used one with a very dead battery and no cords. I now have it working fully and it is a great unit. You too can replace your batt for cheap and easily. Disregard the label that says the batt isn’t replaceable. This is pure nonsense. Every batt is replaceable.
    For anyone in Calgary I recommend stopping by Affordable Battery in the SE, the best place in town to find any batt at the best possible prices. I only paid Can$13 for the battery. It’s a Power Sonic model PS-640. It’s a 6 volt, 4.5 Amp hour and the exact same size as stock. Fully charged it clocks at 6.3V. To replace just remove the two tiny black screws at the base of the unit, carefully ply it out. Observe wire polarity. Done. To charge the batt I went to Dollarama (I’m sure any other dollar store will do) and bought a 6′ extension cord of decent gauge for just $2. You want an extension style that has the plug at the end, not at the side like most household cords.

    PLEASE NOTE: my unit was overheating while charging. Take these precautions: while charging open the batt cover at the base of the unit and aim a fan at it. Doing so will keep it charging while staying cool. Don’t do this and you may smell burning. The back of the unit, beside the LED button gets extremely hot. Please remember that this is made in China. Most things made in China is crap and we all know that, so treat this unit for what it is.

    Despite it being made in china, the unit is very sturdy and well built (charging system aside). If you find a used one for a bargain, get it. You won’t regret it, pending it will charge and isn’t burnt (to ensure it’s charging a red light will turn on, above the LED switch). I wonder if getting a smaller bulb will result in longer running time. The stock bulb is overkill, super strong. Will be nice for camping but almost too strong for most other use. If anyone has tried a smaller bulb and got longer life out of the batt, please let us know. Good luck

  18. Joolz says:

    Lee and others with charging issues. yes, there is an easy solution for charging the battery. There are two causes for the unit refusing to charge: a dead battery (these are similar to car batteries, life is limited – also don’t let it drain down completely before charging). The other cause for the unit not charging is a burnt out charging system (see my post above). If the unit’s charging system isn’t yet burnt (red LED should go on when plugged to either 110V or 12v from a car charger) then in order to charge the batt just use a motorcycle 6V charger, remove the batt from the unit (see instructions above) and charge it just like you would an auto battery. Best to use a voltmeter to keep an eye on the level. NOTE: do not use a 12V car battery to charge a 6V battery. It may explode.

  19. Blake says:

    Do the Red LED go OFF when fully charged. Replaced with 6V 2AH SLA .187 FASTON from Interstate.

  20. Gabe V says:

    Home Depot like usual can help worth a crap!

  21. Gary Trinka says:

    want to replace battery for a 146 rechargeable lantern.

  22. James E. Stevens says:

    I found a close replacement match, Power Patrol model SLA0178. I got mine from the local(San Diego) Interstate battery store. I had to trim the “ribs” a little in the battery compartment to get it to fit but otherwise works well.

  23. Chuckpen says:

    when looking for a battery use the search “CB4.5-6” and you will find them on Amazon or eBay. I just purchased one off eBay from a direct to consumer manufacturer for less than $11 dollars shipped, no sales tax. Seller provided dimensions seem perfect, but time will tell on the fitment.


    The other way is to find a 6 volt 4.5AH battery w/ same dimensions but the eBay deal looks best. I was hoping to find a LED bulb as a replacement. if anyone has a lead on that then let me know.

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