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Sizod‘s back with another kick-ass deal: “Perfect for hands-free illumination, and by adding the coupon code “HW21502066OFF” you can drop the price from $10.99 down to $4.99 so the price is perfect, too.”

I had an old Craftsman glasses-frame-style headworn light that I truly hated.  The concept was great — it put light exactly where you’re looking while keeping both hands free for the job — but it was a) way too heavy, b) powered by four AAA batteries which didn’t last long and were expensive, and c) looked so dorky that I kept looking for a pocket protector to wear along with it.

This one looks much better.  Now that LEDs are really doing a great job as flashlights, maybe it’s time I looked back into the headworn genre.

5-LED Headworn Light [Meritline.com]


4 Responses to Dealmonger: 5-LED Headworn Flashlight for $5

  1. MikeR says:

    Nice deal, looks like free shipping as well.

    Here’s some other headlamp options for under $10, but none as cheap as $4.99


  2. bruce says:

    I tried to us the cupon code and was told it was invalid

  3. Stuey says:

    Despite the huge price difference, I’ll still stick to my Petzl headlamp. I’ve used cheapo flashlights before and found that they don’t stand up to the quality of say a Maglite. So… I assume the same is true in this case (not all LEDs or LED driver circuits are made the same).

    Sure Petzls are more expensive at 4 to 7 times the price (depending on the model), but I’d trust them in life or death situations. Products like this I’d only trust for once or twice a year of casual or non mission critical usage.

    But then again, these might be useful for disposable applications or for sitting in a glove box in case of light (no pun intended) emergencies. (Sorry that I sound so stubbornly opinionated – I’ve had very bad experiences with non branded cheapo flashlights and lanterns).

    I’ve read that people have been satisfied with purchases from ledshoppe.com. They ship free and directly from China, and have some pretty interesting flashlight/headlamp offerings.

  4. jc says:

    Yeah, the code is no longer valid. Thanks though!

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