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There are times when you need to do something with a screwdriver that you really shouldn’t.  This is the driver for those times. 

Stanley’s demolition screwdrivers are indeed tough as hell.  You can beat the living crap out of ’em, use ’em as pry bars, and pretty much abuse ’em in any way necessary to get the job done.  I’m sure it’s possible to break ’em, but you’d have to do something way, way, way out of line to take it that far.

We wholeheartedly recommend these and are glad to have a set of ’em — even if marred a bit — in the shop, and we imagine that they’ll see pretty common use.

The two-piece set’s available all over for just under $15.  They’re worth it.

2-Piece FatMax Xtreme Demolition Driver Set [Stanley]
Street Pricing [Froogle]
From Amazon [What’s this?]

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14 Responses to Test To Failure: Stanley’s Demolition Screwdrivers

  1. Joe Brown says:

    I want to see these drivers fail. You said “test to failure,” but, in your words, “they’re fine.” C’mon Toolmongers—you can break these durn things. Go to the junkyard and pry open a car door with ’em, carve your names in some granite or something, but please, please BREAK THEM. Thank you.

  2. Sir Fix-a-lot says:

    Why would you waste a perfectly good set of screwdrivers? TM proved they’re tough, and that’s cool enough for me. More than most other “tests.”

  3. Joe Brown says:

    No, it’s not more than other tests. More than other tests would be actually testing the things to failure.

  4. nrChris says:

    The guys are right, if you are going to TTF you need to make the tool fail. Other than that, it took a lot of abuse and the test was at least entertaining. I will probably pick up a set of these–I heard that they can also be used to drive screws, too.

  5. MikeR says:

    I’ve got these and really like the flahead and beat the crap out of it on a regular basis. Haven’t found a time or place to beat the crap out of the phillips, any suggestions?

  6. Crashin says:

    My main question is how well do they operate as an actual screw driver? What about after the test to failure. There is nothing worse than a screw driver that doesn’t turn screws.

  7. Kurt Schwind says:

    Crashin, have you actually seen screwdrivers that are in good condition not able to drive screws? For me, the difference between screwdrivers is how long they stay ‘in good condition’ and these look like they’d last a LONG time. Then again, I’m using some craftsmen screwdrivers I got from my father and he got from his. They are probably 60 years old. They still drive screws great.

  8. Old Donn says:

    Bravo Kurt & Crashin. Whatever happened to the credo “use the right tool for the job.” Cold chisels, hammers, wrecking bars and Stanley’s own FUBAR are for hammering, prying and beating the crap out of stuff.

  9. Andrew says:

    Just bought a couple of them, but can’t decide if one of them is faulty. There seems to be a bit of free play in the handle to blade point. I know someone mentioned this in an earlier post, but is it part of the design or have I bought an over priced dud? I welcome your thoughts,


  10. kyle says:

    If you ever have a screw where the head is rusted over you can the philips head drver put it on the screw and whack it with a hammer and now you have a recess clear of rust to remove the screw with

  11. heywood says:

    I bought these and used them at work. I still don’t like them for chiseling (had to use a screwdriver for this, taking plastic pieces out of concrete forms) as much as the $4.44 special found at the auto parts store. I took a sawzall and cut the end of the handle off the driver and put a 1″ chase nipple (electrical part) on the end of the handle to keep it from shattering and used some tie-wire to keep it from falling off. Lastly put duct tape all over the outside of everything to hold it together.

    I’ll still use the stanley versions, but I wish thru-shank screwdrivers were still being produced en-masse. Just my 2c.

  12. sean johnson says:

    I agree 100% with Joe Brown: you gotta break ’em. Just got to.

  13. zion says:

    how do the handles hold to hydraulic oils

  14. Mike says:

    I had these and was glad I did, since I usually see people using ordinary screw drivers for beating. I used them everyday knocking open romex holes on electrical boxes. The screw drivers can take a beating. I got these at Home Depot 10 years ago, but don’t see them anymore. Now I see Dewalt and Milwaukee brands.

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