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The town of Montverde, Florida is selling one of their “big” firetrucks.  Apparently the town of just 1,200 residents and 617 homes bought a little more firetruck than they need.  From WFTV.com:

The two fire engines were bought about a year apart.  In 2004, a $250,000 grant paid for one, but the town council agreed to buy the other one after a former Montverde firefighter argued that lives could be lost without it.  […] But now the town is stuck with a $14,000 annual payment after putting $30,000 down.  Chief Sette wants the town to buy a smaller, more mobile, far less expensive truck.”

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a firetruck — who here hasn’t? — and happen to have $14k/mo. of disposable income, Chief Sette has a deal for you.  “It’s an ’04.  It’s basically brand new,” he told WFTV.

Town May Sell Barely-Used Big, Red Fire Truck [WFTV.com]


3 Responses to For Sale: One ’04 Model, Low Mileage “Big Red Firetruck”

  1. Rick says:

    $14k a month or a year?

  2. nrChris says:


    Makes sense that if it is close to a million dollar machine, even half a mil, that you’d be paying 14k per month. Wonder what the gas bill looks like.

  3. Rick says:

    I agree nrChris… that’s why I asked because the quoted part of the article in grey says “a $14,000 annual payment” but then it says $14k/mo. I’m guessing the monthly figure is right, but for $14k a year – I might go and buy it. 😀
    ok.. not really..

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