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Here’s another reader’s shop, this time from James.  It’s a bit small, but you can see some of the items he lists as present.  He writes:

“This is roughly a 250-degree view of my disaster of a shop.  From left to right you’ll see things like:

  • TIG welder (the grey box)
  • DeWalt radial arm saw
  • Electrolytic de-rusting tank (black), currently with a Kennedy fold-out toolbox in process
  • Wilton 6″ machinist’s vise (blue)
  • FreeBSD server (from Hotmail’s original datacenter)
  • Millermatic 35 MIG welder with Aircomatic wire feeder on top
  • 4×6 Chicago horizontal bandsaw (dirty gray)
  • 10×12 Carolina horizontal bandsaw (green)
  • 14″ Delta bandsaw (blue)
  • Dust collector (visible as off-white deflated bags)
  • 10″ Delta miter saw (light blue) mounted on a
  • 6″ AMT jointer (gray)
  • Craftsman oscillating spindle sander”

Neat stuff!

Remember, if you get a chance, drop us a line with a link to a good-quality 450-pixel-wide photo of your shop.  We’d love to feature it and discuss it here on TM.


2 Responses to Reader Shops: James’ Shop

  1. james hamilton says:

    Wow, I didn’t expect to see this on the front page.

    Here’s are some bigger versions: http://www.flickr.com/photos/73245657@N00/420844919/

    The original stitched image is almost 9301×2661; I’d upload it if I could.

    My latest project is welding a motor mount adapter to use a 5hp compressor motor in an old Wilton/Boice-Crane Suprcap table saw that I got for $50 (with a burnt out Baldor 3 phase motor). The compressor motor turns backwards relative to the saw so I had to put it at 90 degrees from the original mount, with a 1/4 twist in the drive belt. This causes the mount adapter to be a real rube goldberg contraption, but it works. Here’s the result:

    The clamps are temporary; there’s still more welding yet to be done, and some bracing triangles to be added when the motor position is finalized.

  2. Kurt Schwind says:

    It’s a nice shop man. I’m envious. If you saw the tiny space I have carved out for myself in the basement, you’d pity me.

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