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Tool guys often like to have bragging rights on the biggest and most powerful tools. Drivers aren’t really any different: more power and noise is pretty cool.  A pneumatic driver that spins 1,800 rpm sounds like a good plan then, right? 

It’s a normal-looking pneumatic driver as first glance — a 1/4” hex drive system hooked to an air hose charged with 90-120 psi good for 45 – 115 in/lbs of torque.  The 1,800 rpm speed is almost certainly a “free-spin” speed, however if the speed under load is anywhere close, that’s about 30 revs per second.

Even at half the speed under load it might not be the best way to get a screw in or out.  Then again, power is good.  I’m just worried that that kind of speed and torque might strip the head of the fastener you’re trying to drive.

Street pricing starts at $45.

Pneumatic Screwdriver [Astrotools]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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