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I’ve often heard it said that classic cars have “timeless lines.”  Well, Veritas Chair Devils definitely have the classic hand tool lines down.  They both look the part and serve their purpose of smoothing out round spokes or chair legs with some style.  It’s almost a shame to use this sort of thing in the shop because they look good enough to mount on display. 

The shaped scraper blade rounds the work piece and removes marks.  ‘Devils come in three interior-rounded sizes: the 1/2″ diameter for spindles, the 7/8″ diameter for rungs and the 1-1/4″ diameter for legs and posts, as well as canoe paddle shafts. Their machined-steel bodies are fitted with some awesome looking African rosewood handles shaped in a classic tapered design.

Traditional scrapers normally have blade adjusting screws but these do not requiring a manual adjustment on the depth of cut. 

They do, however, come at a premium with a list price of $165 for the set of three.  Then again, anyone in the market for scrapers like these isn’t a novice and might not need the adjustment screws.

Chair Devils [Veritas]


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