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We asked all you Toolmongers out there about a couple of products recently, and here’s what you told us:

Combination Stationary Tools: Hot.
While readers pointed out the inherent limitations in combination rigs — the inability to switch machines while retaining setups and the way many of them share a single motor — most seemed convinced that a quality combination tool represents a good solution for someone with limited space.  Cost, though, can be a factor.

Epoxy Floor Coatings: Hot.
Almost everyone seemed to like the idea of an epoxy-coated floor, but readers pointed out a few concerns: if not applied properly they can peel, and in some places you’d probably rather have something softer.  Be sure to check out the comment thread, though, for some interesting first-hand reader experiences in applying epoxy.

WD-40: Wow.
The response is so varied you’re probably going to want to read this comment thread yourself.  But in summary: WD-40 is HOT for dispersing water — its original purpose — but definitely NOT as a lubricant.  Readers posted all other sorts of uses from removing stickers to killing wasps, but almost everyone agreed that there are better penetrants and lubricants on the market.

Look for more Hot or Not this week.


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  1. nrChris says:

    There is a good review of the Robland X31 multi tool at Wood Central:


    My take is that stationary multi tools are certainly hot, if you can afford one.

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