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Chisels and chisel designs are a hotly debated topic amongst woodworking craftsmen.  Arguably on top of the all-time heap of best designs out there are Stanley’s 750 series bevel-edge socket chisels.  They’re pretty rare now and difficult to find, but Lie Nielsen recognizes the 750 vibe and addresses it with a set of bevel edge socket chisels that mirror the 750 series closely.  Read on past the jump for more info and pics.


The old school Stanleys were beloved favorites of many wood workers because of the sculpted, beautiful finish on the handles and rugged blade that stands the test of time as a workhorse of a tool.  Maybe it was those features that drove the 750 series’ cost per unit out of the range of profitable production, contributing to their limited availability. 

Lie Nielson’s new versions feature Maine-harvested Hornbeam (or “ironwood”) handles standard, with Cocobolo handles optional.  The handle shape is obviously inspired from the old 750 design and the Lie Nielsen chisels have the same trusted blade pattern that crafters have come to rely on.

They are good quality chisels made to function like old favorites, but the trade off is cost; the new versions of the old classic ring in at around $50 per chisel — so don’t expect to cheap your way into a set anytime soon.

Bevel Edge Socket Chisels [Lie Nielsen]
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2 Responses to Finds: Bevel-Edge Socket Chisels

  1. nrChris says:

    I lust for the LN ones. My dad still has and uses his 750s. I don’t want to wait to inherit the old 750s, but the LNs are way out of my range right now. Think about the cost of the upgrade for the handle–$5 a pop. Seems well worth it and takes the set from the range of very nice to plain exotic.

  2. Rob says:

    One of the cool things about socket chisels is you can turn your own handles very easily out of whatever you want. $5 a handle could get you some really nice wood.

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