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Hitachi launched a new 14.4V li-ion line this week with the announcement of a new drill/driver, hammerdrill, impact driver, and impact wrench.  The best part: Hitachi says the new 14.4V li-ion batteries are backwards-compatible with their 14.4V DMR and DVF3 series tools, so if you pick up one of the new li-ion kits you’d be upgrading your other tools as well.

The new kit’s charger is Hitachi’s “universal” model, which’ll charge any Hitachi battery from 7.2V to 18V including all li-ion, NiCd, and NiMH units.

Other than that, the press release touts standard li-ion benefits such as longer runtime with a lighter battery and extended battery life.

About the new tools:

  • The DS1DL Drill/Driver: 460 in-lbs of torque, 0-200/400/850/1750 RPM, MSRP $239
  • The DV14DL Hammerdrill: Same as above, MSRP $259
  • The WH14DL Impact Driver: 1330 in-lbs of torque, 0-2000/2600 RPM, 1/4″ hex chuck, MSRP $259
  • The WR14DL Impact Wrench: 1780 in-lbs of torque, 0-2000/2600 RPM, 1/2″ square drive, MSRP $259

Look for ’em on the shelves in the next few months.


5 Responses to Preview: Hitachi’s 14.4V Li-Ion Line

  1. Stuey says:

    FYI, Amazon’s Friday sale has begun.

    They’ve got the Hitachi 18V Li-Ion drill (DS18DL) for $191.

    I hope some of you guys are early birds like me and are able to take advantage of the sale! If not, it might come back in a few Fridays!

    I believe it’s a regular drill and not of the hammer variety but might be wrong.

  2. I didn’t realize they were getting that much torque out of the Lithium Ion batteries. The Dewalt DC759 drill I have puts out 450 in-lb at 18V. So these 14.4V drill/driver and hammerdrill put out 460 in-lbs? That’s so awesome. I guess I will have to change my assumption about 14.4V tools now.

  3. Ohiohead says:

    Take the “torque ratings” with a “grain of salt”!

    If you recall all the manufactures have a different system for rating torque, DeWalt is trying to take the high ground with “watts out of maxium power ratings” vs “maxium torque”.


  4. nrChris says:

    I am really sick of wireless setups. With corded tools I was able to pick and choose by the best manufacturer or at least the ones that I prefer / were a good deal; Bosch jig saw, DeWalt drywall gun, Milwaukee drill and sawzall, etc.

    With dedicated battery systems it is just too cost prohibitive to buy piecemeal. You either wind up going with one dedicated system with a couple of batteries and a charger–or you spend huge money to buy piecemeal and still need to buy two batteries and a charger for each tool. Is anyone calling for a cordless standard with interchangeable batteries? That is what it is going to take for me to make the leap.

  5. Eric Corson says:

    I agree with Chris re cordless battery expense and non interoperability. I also hate it when the batteries degrade so they dont work like they used to but sort of work and u hate the thought of paying the extortionary price of new bats for you old POS tool. What someone should invent is a micro lightweight hydrogen turbogenerator to take to the job and plug your line voltage tools into! Or a truck mount catapult to launch a gas genset onto the roof…hmm, any inventors out there??

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