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How many projects don’t require a clamp of some kind?  Spring clamps are extremely helpful for quickly holding something down or together, and other clamp styles are good if you just need more pressure and don’t want the object to move — so ratcheting spring clamps bring the best of both worlds. 

Basically they are a spring clamp with a ratchet action and release lever that allow you to spring open and clamp down, then push a little harder to ratchet down a few teeth and hold a great deal harder than the spring could have held by itself.

It’s not the end-all-be-all of clamps, but it looks handy to have hanging around in the spring clamp drawer. The Craftsman set pictured here runs about $20 but a Froogle search will turn them up for around $10.

Plus, we found a 3-incher from Wilton for just $6.50 on Amazon.

Ratcheting Spring Clamps [Craftsman]
Street Pricing [Froogle]
Buy It Now from Amazon [What’s this?]


3 Responses to Finds: Ratcheting Spring Clamps

  1. I have the Irwin 2-inch version of these clamps. They hold reasonably well, but don’t have the squeeze of old-school spring clamps do. They’re pretty easy to use, but don’t expect them to hold cabinets up while you’re screwing them together without some other support.

  2. nrChris says:

    The ratcheting version makes a hole lot more sense than the standard ones that I have been using. I started out with the best of intentions, but mine have become glorified clothes pins for hanging random stuff around the shop. I will have to pickup a set of the ratcheting clamps and see if that changes things.

  3. Don says:

    The best use I’ve found for my spring clamps is containing the extra strap on my 25 foot ratcheting straps. After I’ve tied down whatever object I always seem to have a little extra strap. I don’t dare cut the straps because I do still need that extra length from time to time. I roll the extra strap and pinch it with a spring clamp. It works great, I don’t have to untie the extra strap and I’ve never had any straps drag on the road. Just thought I’d share

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