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Sizod pointed us to another great post over on This Old House about how handy common stuff from your medicine cabinet can be in project work.  Not only is this a great post, we can’t possibly pass on anything with MacGyver in the title. 

Some of our favorites:

  • Using dental floss to work glue into splits and cracks in woodwork
  • De-burring hacksaw cuts with emory boards
  • Fixing scratches in stained wood with eyeliner pencils — which even come in lots of shades and colors
  • And lubing sliding drawers with beeswax balm

There are lots more; check out the article for all of ’em and great pictures to boot.  Is anyone else here addicted to the This Old House site?

Medicine Cabinet MacGyver [This Old House]


2 Responses to This Old House: Medicine Cabinet MacGyver

  1. GAC says:

    I can’t wait to ask the hottie behind the cosmetics counter for that perfect shade of Mahogany. Whew, it sure is getting hooter in here!

  2. nrChris says:

    I think that an emory board would take forever to do the job of a small file. Growing up in a very pragmatic Swamp Yankee workshop, I knew about quite a few of these. But the one that really got me was using a comb to clean out a paint brush. A no brainer, but I bet it works great. I will soon be dropping another 99 cents on my toolkit for that one.

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