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We’ve seen the Husky soft sided toolboxes here and there; a few Toolmonger friends have them and use them everyday.  While which toolbox offers the best type of storage system is highly subjective and open to debate, the Husky soft sides — like this electrician’s bag — do have some charm. 

The electrician’s bag is constructed of “SpunTuff” nylon-based water-resistant material that looks and feels pretty rugged.  It’s designed to meet the storage needs of a small electrical type of project and features a detachable handle, 19 inside/outside storage pockets, a 12-piece drill bit organizer, and a 12-part compartment bin so you can stash tools till your heart’s content.  It also includes a tape measure clip, carabiner, padded shoulder strap, tape roll strap, and 4 rubber feet on the bottom of bag.

Though it’s designed for electrical jobs, we’ve seen it used by contractors and service techs alike.  All in all it’s a pretty versatile system that holds a bunch of gear and allows for easy access of it.

If your personal tastes run to soft-sided bags, it looks like a pretty good deal.

Street Pricing starts at $29.

Electrician’s Bag [Husky Tools]
Street price [Froogle]


11 Responses to Finds: Husky Soft Side Electrician’s Bag

  1. TimG says:

    I like this idea, be great for gathering up the required tools to do a specific job (I always have to run out to the garage to get something I forgot.. with this I just throw in what I need and what ‘might’ need and I’m set).

    I see cheaper versions at various big box stores.. a more expensive one on sale just might make it into my garage!


  2. T says:


    I have a Bucket Boss Xtreme Electricians Pouch that my mother-in-law gave me. I use it for holding the collection of tools that suffice for most minor home improvement kind of stuff. A couple screwdrivers, pliers, torpedo level, wire cutters, drill bits, etc. Works pretty good for most things. If I need more, I grab a bigger bag and load it up. This one looks a little bigger.

  3. nrChris says:

    Like TimG, I have a Craftsman bucket belt. I keep a few things in it almost all of the time, but load it from my workshop as the job dictates. I find that this works out really well, particularly around the house. I swear my kids must think that it holds everything in the workshop, they are always hanging around waiting to see what I produce next.

  4. MikeR says:

    FWIW I’ve tried a bucket organizer and I always end up with a pile of crap at the bottom. I recently got a CLC Electricians Bag from HD (similar to the Husky but I like it better) and I keep all my essential tools in it. The CLC has a couple of dividers in the main compartment so I don’t pile too much crap in there.

    It’s great to have this around – I can grab it and 95% of the time I’ve got all the tools I need. This is by far my favorite style of tool bag.

  5. I have a Stanley soft-sided bag that became my main toolbag last summer. I’ve been judicious about what I put in the outside pockets and I’ve had remarkably little trouble with stuff falling out, which had always been my fear with bags.

    My favorite benefit of the bag over the box is rattle reduction. It’s so much quieter in the back of the car!

    What drives me nuts is the black interior, though. It’s a photon-devouring cavern that makes finding stuff more difficult than it needs to be. My next toolbag will be canvas or some other light-colored fabric for this reason.

  6. Thanks for a fine read.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. juls says:

    These soft sided tool bags are great for carrying all my dog show supplies. My spray bottles, grooming brushes, chalks, leashes, clippers, everything. My items are all in one place. These are not only great for tools but wonderful for the dog show crowd. I see more and more bags like these at dogshows, agility trials, hunt tests ! There are many uses for these besides carrying tools. Thank you for nice products.

  8. Brooke says:

    Yes, they are made of tuff material and waterproof. But one thing the company forgot, the metal clips that were used on each side of the handle, which attaches the handle to the bag will rust and then your handle falls off. So this was not thought off during the design of the “tuff, durable bag”. I have only had mine less than a year and use it everyday. I do not leave it outside, I do however live in Florida but it should not have rusted that soon. The clips are so small and thin, like the like metal clips that are on blue jeans (the ones on the pockets for design) is similar to what was used on these bags. Oh..and good luck trying to get the bag covered under warranty. Even though the bag shows that it has a warranty, Home Depot will not honor it. I tired at the store with my receipt as well as calling customer service.

  9. David Bryan says:

    Brooke, you ought to be able to expect those parts to hold up better than that, and I don’t have much regard for Home Depot myself, but it ain’t the end of the world. I don’t use many tool bags without dolling them up somehow anyway. What I get from the store is a starting place, and I tend to customize them quite a bit. I bet you can put that handle back on there and trick it up a little to make a more usable bag for yourself at the same time.

  10. toolgirl says:

    I just bought this for my husband and he loves it.

  11. Beng Sojanto says:

    Please advise if you know a distributor for Husky
    electrician bag in Singapore ?
    Thank you for your valuable assistance.

    Best Regards ,
    Beng S

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