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MikeR pointed us to this famous photo that’s made the rounds on the ‘net since 2000.  As he wrote: “If this hasn’t been on TM, it should be.”  Right you are.

According to Snopes.com — which verified the story via other photos and accounts (link below) — these are the pertinent facts of the story:

  • That is indeed a Jetta with an estimated 3,000+ pounds of load on it.  There are ten 80-pound bags of concrete in the back seat.
  • The photo was taken in front of an IHOP in Maryland.  The driver indicated that he was on his way to Annapolis. 
  • You are correctly seeing a woman “out of it” in the passenger seat.
  • The driver was apparently jogging around when the photo was taken, and when the police arrived he had to be physically prevented from crouching down at the back of the car to cut the twine.
  • “Witnesses said their phyiscal state was OTHER than normal…”

Is it just me, or does this actually look like one of the Depot’s “building kits?”  Maybe a shed?

Be sure and check out the Snopes link below for a really scary picture of the woman in the passenger seat and lots more information.

Lumber Car [Snopes.com]


7 Responses to Doh! The Lumber Car

  1. SuperJdynamite says:

    One thing they don’t cover is how the car was able to be driven from Home Depot to the IHOP parking lot. I’m assuming that the rear wheels were jammed into the wheel well and remained stationary while the car was dragged along by the front wheels.

  2. nrChris says:

    There is a blast from the past! I always thought that this was staged. I have a Taurus and I always try to jam in too many 2×4’s but always borrow a truck for picking up sheets. I guess I don’t need to feel bad about a couple of boards sticking out a few feet, I just need to think of this guy.

  3. MikeR says:

    This picture justifies the existance of the internet.

  4. MikeR says:

    SJD: Presumably when the load was balanced on the top of the car all 4 wheels were able to turn. They probably stopped after it “shifted”.

  5. Randy says:

    They should have known that the plastic twine wouldn’t hold that in place. This is obviously a job for tape of some sort. Perhaps masking or scotch.

  6. MikeR says:

    Randy: Obviously duct.

  7. ambush27 says:

    See the right thing to do would be to borrow a truck, or failing that attach a trailer to your car.

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