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Before you laugh, check out the rest of the story.  From the Daytona Beach News-Journal:

“Sarah inherited AAA Welding & Railing in DeLand after her father, Dan McAllister, died almost two years ago.  Her mother, Billie McAllister stepped in to run the business for her until she is 18.


On the Friday before Father’s Day in 2005, Billie McAllister took Sarah shopping for a gift for Dan McAlliser.  He died that night of a massive heart attack at age 39.  After Dan McAllister’s death, Billie McAllister discovered the business was failing.  The lawyers and accountants advised she walk away from it ‘while the walking was good,’ she said.  But Sarah begged her mother to hang on, saying it was all they had ever known.  Sarah had grown up in the welding shop.”

According to the article, Sarah convinced the shop’s 40 employees to stick it out with her and the business has now “grown to 83 employees.”

This is a really heartwarming story — especially to anyone who’s spent years putting together a business from scratch.

Atlantic Cheerleader, 14, Owns Welding Firm [News-JournalOnline.com]


2 Responses to 14-Year-Old Cheerleader Owns Welding Business

  1. nrChris says:

    Really mature but I guess that comes with losing a parent so young. Thanks for sharing this one. I would like to think that I leave something in the world that my kids can take and make their own–although I hope this doesn’t happen anytime soon.

  2. TimG says:

    Neat story, I enjoyed reading it!

    Thanks for sharing.


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