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Irwin’s Quick Grip clamps are some hardy well built clamps.  We dig the overall rugged construction and the ease of operation that they represent, but when we saw the Quick Grip “micro” clamps, we thought Irwin had lost their mind.  Upon second inspection, though, they look pretty handy. 

The Micro clamps are built with the same steel backbone that their larger brethren have as well as the same pump trigger mechanism; it’s all just much smaller and more condensed.  The bar allows for an 8” spread which makes for a lot of utility in a small tool.

We’re not saying that we’re going to run out and start using them for major woodworking projects, but they might prove valuable to those looking for a powerful hobby clamp or a small project contender. 

Street pricing starts at $12 for a set of 2.

Quick Grip Micro Clamp [Irwin]
Street Pricing [Froogle]
Buy It Now from Amazon [What’s this?]


8 Responses to Finds: Quick Grip Micro Clamp

  1. nrChris says:

    I keep seeing these at the local big box and trying to figure out an excuse for buying them. Anyone have some real world workshop applications for something so small? Seriously, between the small clip style clamps and C-clamps, I wonder if these have any application beyond spreading. Real world uses?

  2. Stuey says:

    I too always hesitate when I see these but have so far resisted the urge to buy.

  3. joe says:

    I used them for a glue job once – but in a spreader configuration – I had to glue something inside a bathroom wall-cabinet. Six inches was just the right size, and the larger clamps/spreaders wouldn’t fit.

    I didn’t spend $12 for them, though. I found them at a garage sale.

  4. Copperhead says:

    If you’re a modeler like me, those things would be ideal. I have some of the larger ones and made the mistake of using one to hold a .357 cartridge case I was drilling the primer out of. I had to peel a thin film of redistributed rubber off the searing hot case, as it turns out it only held it tightly enough to ensure a good amount of friction, not tightly enough to stop it spinning around 🙂

    Yes I know, I need a decent vice.

  5. Rob says:

    I have one of these to go in my collection of other miniature things that make me feel like a giant!

    Actually, I got it because it was cute but I have actually used to clamp together some small glue-up’s and it was really a surprise that this is really a tool, not a toy.

  6. nrChris says:

    Rockler has a special right now for 4 of these for $20. Look for the “Deal or No Deal” link on their website.

  7. Stuey says:

    I checked out the Rockler site – the deal is for the 6″ clamps. Lowes and sometimes HD carry the 2 + 2 bonus clamp packs for the same price. In other words, 4 x 6″ clamps (non-spreading) for $20 is the typical retail price.

  8. Eric Corson says:

    I bough them cuz they’re cute and figured the need would arise. I think i used them once to hold some small porcelain thingy of the wifes that the cat knocked over. The only bitch I have about the whole line of these clamps is that I always lose the rubber pads. I keep thinking Im going to glue them on someday!

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