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We’ll admit that this is a little beyond our current understanding of engine dynamics, but we couldn’t help but post it anyway; it’s always uber-cool to see technology that once existed only in the realm of multi-million-dollar manufacturer labs reach the home shop.

The basic idea of this software is that you plug in all the information about your engine and all intended modfications, then the software simulates the engine’s operation to give you an idea of performance — and also to show up design flaws before you spend the big bucks to actually assemble the engine.

Here are some of the software’s capabilities (from the product site):

  • Fully analyzes induction runner lengths, taper angles, port areas, and cylinderhead flow variations
  • Investigates exhaust system primary and collector lengths and tubing diameters of both straight and stepped configurations
  • Performs exceptional analysis of camshaft lift, duration, centerline, and lob-separation angles
  • “Looks inside” a running engine to view and analyze intake and exhaust flow

At $399, this probably isn’t for those of you looking to rebuild a single 350, but if you’re planning a high-buck project — or build engines semi-regularly — this could actually save some cash in the long run.

And even if you’re not in the market, the information on the site is an interesting read.

Dynomation Advanced Engine Simulation [ProRacing, LLC]


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  1. nrChris says:

    It is amazing what you can do with software, but I would be really interested to see a comparison of the theoretical values as calculated by the software versus an engine built from those components. And revisit it after some decent real world use.

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