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Toolmongers Top 5It’s been a very, very busy week here at Toolmonger, but one thing made us happy: We got to spend some time in the shop.

If you’ve been spending time in the shop, too, and you haven’t had a chance to keep up with Toolmonger this week, we suggest you start with these posts, which our readers helped to select:

Gorgonz’ Exhale Cold Weather Gloves
These gloves have a small one-way vent which you can blow in to keep your hands warm.  Readers liked the gloves’ other features, but weren’t really sold on the valve.  Be sure to check out comments for some great suggestions on similar cold-weather gloves.

Cheap-Ass Shop Flooring
This really inexpensive interlocking flooring from Costco (and some other sources as well) really caught everyone’s attention this week as a low-cost option to the standard tool-store type.  It looks to be great for use around a work bench or anywhere where you’ll stand for long periods of time.

Loctite Power Grab on a Roll
On shelves in the next few months, this tape-looking product from Loctite is all adhesive.  The backing simply holds it in place until you peel it off.  Loctite’s sold Power Grab in tubes for years, and it’s quite popular among the construction set for attaching indoor and outdoor trim.  This format should make its use even easier.

Hands-On: The YellowJacket 5-Outlet Adapter
We take a look at YellowJacket’s five outlet adapter, which plugs into the end of an extension cord, then locks to the cord to prevent accidental disconnection.  The verdict: It won’t work for all gauges of cable, but it’s a handy addition to the shop kit.

Hot or Not? WD-40
WD-40 is a common in shops as duct tape, but we asked readers how they view the product in light of new penetrants and lubricants.  The consensus: Hot, but not for penetrating and lubricating.  Check out the comments on this post for some great suggestions on how (and how not) to use WD-40 — as well as tips on what does penetrate and lubricate well.

Help us choose next week’s Top 5!

We’d appreciate your help in choosing next week’s Top 5, which’ll be featured here, elsewhere, and in the podcast as well.  While you’re reading TM this week, look out for the “Interesting Post” button at the bottom of the article:


When you see an article that piques your interest, click the button once.  You’ll return to the same page, but TM’s software’ll score your click for future reference.  We’ll check in on the totals before selecting next week’s Top 5.


3 Responses to Toolmonger’s Top 5: The Week in Tools

  1. nrChris says:

    Okay, now it is good to see the new feature in action. But are they rated in order of most interesting downward or just randomly? For me the flooring was certainly number one.

  2. barnes says:

    “WD-40 is a common in shops as duct tape…”

    Shouldn’t that be “WD-40 is AS common…”

    Feel free to delete this once you fix the typo.

  3. Chuck Cage says:

    Chris: Though we might adjust from time to time to account for gaming of the system, this one was actually in order of popularity. Good stuff! It’s really cool to see what y’all think of the posts.

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