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It’s almost springtime again — at least you might be fooled into thinking it is here in Texas — so our minds turn to lawn care.  Well, the care of what’s left of my lawn after last year’s nasty water restrictions here.  Anyway, Toro’s offering a new version of its famous zero-turn-radius mowers — pros everywhere ride these — called a “subcompact.”  The upshot of this is that their 34″ and 40″ models fit easily through standard-sized 36″ and 42″ gates, hopefully saving you some time with the push mower.

Both are powered by a 19 horsepower Kawasaki KAI engine and feature a 7-gauge (!) deck and 9-3/8″ cast-iron spindle housings as well as semi-pneumatic (read: no flats) caster tires.  For those who’ve never operates one of these mowers, you drive it like a tank with the two levers on either side of the seat.

We’re having a hard time finding pricing here — though we know Toro has deals with some distributors that prevent price notification.  Have any of you seen this in dealerships or stores?

Z300 Series Subcompact Riding Mowers [Toro]


3 Responses to Finds: Toro’s Z300 Series Subcompact Riders

  1. nrChris says:

    No luck finding prices–in the information age where many people shop online–I find it unsettling to know that a company would not want to disclose its prices. Maybe it is one of those “If you have to ask….” things. For me, it will be another summer pushing rather than riding. (Its okay I could use the exercise.)

  2. Walker says:

    Better keep pushing…..

    Toro Z334 MSRP – $5549
    Toro Z340 MSRP – $5882

  3. Walker says:

    BTW. I called a local dealer and got the prices listed above.

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