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Mike R. spotted this on slickdeals.com and sent it in for all of us who might be interested.  Air tanks like this are really handy when you want to air up a tire in a place where you can’t easily get electrical power or stretch a hose.  I used to carry one to autocross events because it was so much easier to raise tire pressure with this than with the little 12V units — they can take decades to raise a tire to 45 psi or more.

And at $17, there’s really no excuse for not having one of these around the shop.

Craftsman 10 Gallon Air Tank [Sears]


6 Responses to Deals: Craftsman 10 Gallon Air Tank for $17

  1. nrChris says:

    I have a new home and a new shop and no compressor. I am still hemming and hawing at what kind of system I would like to go with, especially since my budget is limited. Ideally I’ll have a big compressor and tank in the basement, but where I need to do so much home improvement I have been hard pressed to buy something that is not tranportable. I realize that this little tank won’t solve that problem, but for the money I am going to buy one–it will find a use or two no matter what final setup I wind up with.

  2. Bowen says:

    “The item you’ve selected is unavailable at this time.

    Please go back to view other options.”

    Looks like we broke Sears, or it was some sort of cockup.

    I was tempted myself, I am wanting to get into airbrushing and a nice large tank takes out any pulse effect from the compressor….

  3. JGB says:

    They’ve still got them, but they are 19.99

  4. Brian C. says:

    JGB: I checked on those – the $19.99 is a 5 gallon tank. This morning the 10 gallon tank doesn’t even show up on a search. I think Bowen is right – we broke Sears!

    It’s a shame as I wanted to purchase one of these as well. Alas, I am denied by The Tools Gods… until the next sale…

  5. JGB says:

    Whoops, my mistake.

  6. Stuey says:

    As soon as a promotion is listed on deals websites, products fly off the shelves.

    I guess the 10 gallon tank was a clearance item. There might still be a few at local stores, but the price probably won’t match the online sale.

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