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Rick writes: “It’s amazing how critical it is to have the right tool for the job.  I recently upgraded my cell phone which had seen better days, but I kept it around as a spare since my wife has the same phone.  Well, her screen flaked out and I decided to salvage some parts from mine since my screen was fine.  When I tried to take it apart to get at the parts — despite having a 100 piece security bit set for electronics — I just didn’t have the Torx T-6 driver I needed.  So, I took a look to see what Home Depot had.  I came across this little number.”

“It has room in the handle underneath the swivel cap for three bits, while the other stays in the tool.  It worked great, and just goes to show that when you’re talking about stuff like that, you need the right tool.  It’s not like taking a switchplate off a light switch where you can use a butter knife in a pinch — or a phillips screw where you probably have phillips bits showing up everywhere you look.  There’s just no way to try and fit a T-8 driver into a T-6 screw.  In any case, now I’m confident that the next time I need to take apart a phone, I’ve got the right tools for the job.”

“At $5.97 it’s well worth it to have the right tool.  I think just to have a nice matching set I may have to go back and get their standard slotted/phillips precision driver that looks just like this.”

It looks like a good — and inexpensive — way to get into a set of precision drivers.  We’re a little short in that area in the Toolmonger shop, so this is worth some consideration.

8-in-1 Precision Torx Screwdriver [Husky]
Street Pricing [Froogle]
Buy It Now from Amazon [What’s this?]


10 Responses to Reader Find: Husky’s 8-in-1 Precision Torx Screwdriver

  1. nrChris says:

    Ouch. I just dropped $20 on a fold-out Torx set. I only really needed two sizes, but it wasn’t much more to get the whole set in the plastic fold out handle. This would have done just fine and saved me over $10. So I repeat my ouch. Ouch.

    For the amount that I need Torx drivers (not frequent at all) this is where I should have spent my money.

  2. Douglas Kwan says:

    if u pull out the little divider in the back of the handle you can fit all 4 bits in the handle

  3. Rob says:

    I’ve had one of these for a long time to maintain my folding knives. Even at twice the price it’s a good deal and something you should have around if you happen to like to take small things apart.

  4. NickC says:

    Craftsman makes a 12 in 1 Magic Precision screwdriver that has torx of T15, T10, T8, T7, T6 and T5, plus 3 of each phillips and flat. Sears has it for $9.99. I’ve had it for a few years and use it all the time for small computer/electronics work, so much that I don’t even carry my old jewlers set around any more.
    But the T4 in the husky set may make it a good pickup. I do sometimes run into screws smaller then T5, but I don’t recall ever needing a T9. What I do run into quite often however is a need for a PH#000 and the 12in1 only goes down to a PH#00. But at that point I normally use the end of a razor blade.

  5. MikeR says:

    FWIW if you ever need a T6 and happen to have a Leatherman Squirt laying around, the small flathead in that tool fits a T6 perfectly. I found this out just last week when I hads to do some cell phoen surgery at work.

  6. Oleg says:

    Love them!!! I have both philips and torx. Tip: Put it on a magnet for a day, works like a charm.

  7. Alex says:

    I had this tool for almost 2 years, and i love it. This is the best tool i’ve ever had. Very convenient to use.

  8. Chin says:

    I work as a technician in computer repair company in New York, and i use this tool a lot. Like it.

  9. Good luck working on a mac without one of these! This is an absolute must in a tech toolkit!

  10. Jack says:

    Just picked one up!

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