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Chris writes: “That Woodcraft Clamp set mentioned a while back?  It’s now on sale — this Saturday only — for $15!  I’m going to pick up another set.  Also, the rest of the sale flyer is worth a read.”

Nice!  It turns out there’s a store about 10 miles from us, and we’re gonna pick up a set, too.  I somehow managed to resist at $20, but this is gonna do it, I think.

Full Sale Flyer (Lots of Other Deals) [Woodcraft]


5 Responses to Deals: Woodcraft 15 Clamp Set for $15

  1. nrChris says:

    The big thing is 10% off, with an extra 5% if you show up between 8 AM and 10 AM. I will certainly jump on 15% off. I need a new chisel set. (In addition to more clamps. More clamps and more clamps.)

  2. james hamilton says:

    My god the line at the San Carlos, CA shop was huge this morning, though the company was interesting. The guy in front of me worked at a shop across the street that had just built and installed a $50,000 mahogany garage door on Scott McNealy’s (former CEO of Sun Microsystems) new 25,000 sq ft house. The house also was having a hockey rink installed in the basement that could turn into a tennis court, and had a 350,000 gallon underground tank in the yard for fire suppression. That guy, not surprisingly, was not buying the door buster clamp set.

    Also, I’d like to thank the guy whose baby I almost dropped a dust collection adapter on for not punching me in the face.

  3. James B says:

    Walked into the Loveland, CO location, got a $15 set, and was back out in about three minutes. They are OK lamps, with yellow plastic handles and plated leadscrews. The longer clamps have the stack of tensioners, and the shorter ones just tilt to lock in place. I have had one of the short tilt-to-lock types that is getting worn out after about eight years, but for about a buck I’m not complaining. The spring clamps will be good for holding the blade onto the wheel when I change the blade on my horizontal bandsaw. These are too short for furniture making, but should be handy for fixtureing setups in my wood and metal shops. They come with rubber clamp pads on the bar clamps.

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