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Stuart tipped us off to another Amazon promo code:

“Special Offer: Use promotional claim code SCREWGUN at the checkout to get a Black & Decker LI3000 cordless screwdriver with internal lithium battery worth $34.99 free when you purchase $150 or more of any of thousands of qualifying tools.”

We’re not sure exactly which tools qualify, but if you were already planning on picking up a tool from Amazon you might easily cross the $150 mark.  It’s certainly worth trying the code.

When we tested the LI3000 a while back, we were impressed.  It’s nothing like the Bosch PS20, but then again you can buy three LI3000s for the same price.  When compared to other simple cordless screwdrivers, it kicked butt.

Buy It Now from Amazon [What’s this?]


10 Responses to Deals: Free Black & Decker Smartdriver w/$150 Amazon Purchase

  1. Paul says:

    If I run across this at the B&D outlet for cheap maybe I’ll pick one up? Hey Amazon, do me a favor, hold your breath while you’re waiting for me to spend $150 with ya OK? Some of us haven’t forgotten about the one click shopping patent quite yet …

    I’m still marking this post as interesting.

  2. Emery Roth says:

    I actually added this to the original post about the tool a few days ago. Just got it and my Bosch PS20 in the mail. First day using the PS20 in the shop and I’m thrilled. The only time I needed a drill bigger was when making some 1.5″ holes. The other big plus was I didn’t even need to recharge the battery. 10.5 hours building scenery on one charge is pretty thrilling!

  3. MikeR says:

    Nice! We need more tool deal posts.

    Emery: How does the B&D compare to the Bosch?

  4. Emery Roth says:

    Well, to give them both a fair review Ill have to use them a lot more…First impressions? They are very different tools. The Bosch comes with two batteries, so you can count on it for constant use no matter how much you are using it, while the B&D is a ‘tool cradle’ type charger…When the battery gets low you have to put it on the cradle and wait. One thing about that cradle, it has a light that tells you when it is charging, but it doesnt seem to tell you when it is fully charged, maybe ive missed something as I said, i just got both tools. Also the chucks are very different. The Bosch has a real quckchange chuck, I picked up a quick change bit kit with it so I have a bunch of smaller drill bits, for pilot holes as well as screw tips and a socket adaptor. The Black and decker has a magnetic chuck, so it will take most screw tips but thats about it.

  5. nrChris says:

    The B&D seems to be the cheapest price point for a lithium driven driver. That being said, the chuck and internal battery seem to be deal breakers for me. I currently use the older “flex” B&D driver which has a decent quicklock chuck, but when the battery is low, the tool is essentially dead until it charges. Not too useful, because when you need it, well you NEED it. My next driver will have a swappable battery.

  6. Rick says:

    Heh.. So basically buy a Bosch PS20-2 and a $30 of other junk and get a free B&D driver. (assuming of course that the Bosch is a “qualifying” tool purchase for the offer)

  7. Dazrin says:

    I got my (free) B&D last night. I haven’t used an electric screwdriver for a long time (as opposed to a drill). I think the last one I used was early 90s. Wow, they have really improved.

    Haven’t really used it yet, but we are packing now, so I will get plenty of use out of it in the next few weeks as we disassemble/reassemble furniture and whatever else needs it during our move.

    In response to MikeR above – one idea for Toolmonger might be to have an ongoing comment thread where people can post deals rather than having to submit them. Submitting is great and more people will probably see something if it is posted on the front page, but a dedicated “I found a deal on…” thread would be cool too. Another option for this is slickdeals.net, but then you get lots of other stuff that (for me) is mostly a waste of time.

  8. Steve says:

    Just ordered one from Amazon along with a Porter Cable Router, and after placing the order was informed that both are on approximately 1-month backorder!

  9. Pencilneck says:

    I use one of those types of bit drivers almost daily. I’m an automotive tech and often find myself taking apart the interior of a car, and with one of those tools and a cheap $10 bit kit I picked up at Advance Auto, I can get 90% of the screws out of a VW interior. Handy little things they are.

  10. Steve says:

    Bit of a follow-up on this thing, if anyone happens to look at this old post. Mine failed after a few months of VERY light use… it no longer charges (I have not tested to see if the problem is the base or the driver itself). Also, the trigger contact has always been intermittent, sometimes requiring a slap to operate. Good battery life, nice torque, but not a very reliable product.

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