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Milwaukee’s V4 announcement inspired reader Copsey to send in a link to Hitachi’s current 3.6V li-ion cordless screwdriver offering, pictured above.  It includes many of the same features coming in the V4, including a 21 position clutch, two-speed 200/600 RPM operation, and (of course) li-ion batteries.

But in the bateries lie one of the major differences: Hitachi’s screwdriver ships with 1.5 Ah batteries as opposed to the V4’s 3.0 Ah cell.  While I’d imagine the tools are quite similar from most other performance standpoints, I’d guess that the V4’ll provide a much longer runtime — maybe twice as long.

Of course, we’ll see this summer when we get the chance to pit the V4 against the Hitachi directly.

In the meantime, if you’re not concerned about the larger-cell advantages, you can have the Hitachi for around $80-$100 right now.  In fact, we found it for $79 on Amazon.

3.6V Li-Ion Cordless Screwdriver, Model DB3DL [Hitachi]
Street Pricing [Froogle]
Buy It Now from Amazon [What’s this?]


7 Responses to Reader Finds: Hitachi’s 3.6V Li-Ion Cordless Screwdriver

  1. Paul says:

    I’m not so sure I like Hitachi’s splat styling myself. For $80-$100 I’d rather get another cordless drill myself.

  2. Steve Thompson says:

    Funny this should pop up toady. I was just thinking about telling y’all how much I love this tool. About two months ago I bought a Hitachi 18V combo kit from Lowes and this 3.6V Li-Ion screwdriver was a free bonus (of course it took about 45 minutes for the crack Lowes staff to figure out how to ring up a free tool). I’ve been in the middle of a major remodel and so my focus was mainly on the 18V tools. Today my pal and contractor was busy with my drill and I was fussing with mounting doors on a vanity I’ve built and remembered my 3.6V. It’s my favorite tool! Lotsa torque, very compact and controllable. I’ll reach for it a lot more often now – especially when doing fussy work. Good call – and I like the Hitachi stuff – in spite of their aesthetics – which seems to do nothing to deter their value.

  3. Steve Thompson says:

    BTW, my kit shipped with two batteries and the charge fast. I’m always working around the house – so uber-runtime isn’t necessarily of prime importance.

  4. kythri says:

    Is there a reason that the tool manufacturers these days have to go all “X-TREME!” with their designs?

    This thing is butt-fugly.

    I mean, function over form, obviously, but I’d personally shop around for something else that doesn’t look so damned tacky.

  5. nrChris says:

    You guys have posted three or four of these things lately. I think it is time for a comprehensive round up. I keep telling myself that I am not in the market for a driver that costs as much as a cheap drill press. But secretly, that is just where I am. And the fact that this tool is almost half the price of some of the others, well it makes that ugly green design much more palatable.

    So how well does it work in the field???

  6. Stuart says:

    I love my Bosch version of this – VERY strong, very compact (I have the 90′ version) and long run time (30 min charger for the spare makes it a non-issue anyway) Everyone who sees this wants to borrow it for the day. Yes it costs but it is now my daily driver so it’s worth it…


  7. TimG says:

    These battery operated screw drivers do seem really neat. Until a good ‘lower brand’ version comes on the market for $30-40 (common.. its just a scewdriver!) I wont’ be able to afford it.

    Aren’t decent quality cordless drills that much?

    Look forward to the review though, be sure to include some cheapie cordless drills in the shootout too! =)

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