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While these are obviously intended for basic auto body panel straightening, they have all sorts of uses around the shop.  If you’ve ever found yourself trying to shape a piece of thin metal — sheet or otherwise — these are the core tools that’ll help you in the process.

And at just $25 for the set, there’s really no excuse not to have ’em in the drawer, even if you have no intent of learning sheet metal work.  These are perfect for reshaping a metal bracket or putting a curve in a small piece of thin bar stock.  They’re not the best hammers and dollies around, but they’re great for general shop use.

This set includes three hammers and four dollies, including curved, general purpose, heel, and double-ended — none of which I can recognize by sight.  When I used the dollies I have around the shop, I just pick up one that looks like it’s shaped right for the job and go to town.

7-Piece Body & Fender Set [Eastwood Co.]


6 Responses to Cheap-Ass Tools: Eastwood’s $25 7-Piece Body & Fender Set

  1. Jeff T says:

    Those hammers look alot like the inexpensive ones at Harbor Frieght. You know what I mean? It seems like most of the fiberglass ones at HF have the hard-rubber-plastic black handle and the yellow fiberglass stem. It looks like a lot of people source these probably from the same place.

    I know, that doesn’t have a lot to do with the post, just rambling.

  2. Paul says:

    For what most people would get out of a set of hammers and dollys this set would do it for them. Once you beat on a few panels though a shrinking hammer seems like a thing to have. I have a cam action shrinker myself. Really, I couldn’t tell you within 10 hammers just how many hammers I have. Maybe 40? Not all of them are bodyworking hammers, but a few are.

    As far as a tool category goes I think I am done aquiring hammers at this point.

  3. Trevor D. says:

    I rarely ever use mine, but for the $13 they cost me when I found them on sale, they were totally worth it. Probably would have paid the current going price for them too.

  4. eschoendorff says:

    For $25, I’d pull teh trigger. If I were planning to use them everyday, I’d probably get a nicer set by Martin.

  5. nrChris says:

    Again, a good score for the money. Not sure how much use it would receive in my shop–but I know that if I don’t have it I will need it. I think of it as a cheap insurance policy against bad karma–if I don’t have the right tool, surely I will need it. So shelling out $25 for insurance against Murphy’s Law is a good deal–this way I will probably not even need to do any body work on my daily driver.

    Now, my wife’s car on the other hand….okay that was uncalled for.

  6. Rick says:

    Yeah these look to be just about on par with the Harbor Freight ones.. only those are cheaper.. They are $21.99 currently, but I paid less than that on sale for mine. I’ve got a few dents and dings on my doors that I’m hoping to knock out next time I have the door panels out. For what I need them for, they are more than sufficient.

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