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Despite the fact that the emails Sears sent out about this sale focus on mattersses and appliances, they are actually offering some discounts on tools as well.  Specifically, they’re offering discounts on all online and catalog exclusive tools.

Our favorite: the ProVision 36″ scope, pictured above.  These fiber-optic borescopes have been on our wish list for some time now because they’re incredibly useful around the shop.  Sears is currently offering $25 off a few of the ProVision models as part of this sale.

Sale Items [Sears]
ProVision 36″ Obedient Scope [Sears]


One Response to Deals: Online/Catalog Exclusives On Sale at Sears

  1. nrChris says:

    As of today (Saturday, 02/24) they are sold out for online delivery.

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