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Porter Cable’s offering up $25 to $50 rebates on a variety of their routers.  Specifically, they’re offering a $25 rebate on their 9690 or 690LR routers, a $50 rebate on any router purchase that includes a Model 4212 Deluxe Dovetail Jig, a $50 rebate on any series 7500 router, and a $50 rebate on any router kit.

For what it’s worth, it’s been our experience that most pro shops use PC routers almost exclusively.  If you’ve been thinking about a purchase, this might be the time.  Be sure and check the fine print.

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2 Responses to Deals: $25-$50 Rebates on Porter Cable Routers

  1. nrChris says:

    Such a nice product, the timing is off for me, but I certainly want a PC router for my standalone setup. Lowes has had some really good deals on the base model standard-based PC router lately, but as a result none of my local stores have it in stock. Keep your eyes peeled for that one.

  2. Rick says:

    I was researching routers myself last week. I figured Amazon sells everything, so I’ll add all of the tools I want to acquire over time to my wishlist so wifey can start getting them for birthdays, anniversarys, and holidays.

    As I was going through the customer reviews, etc. The PC router wasn’t as well liked. I think the biggest issues were around the use of the various bases, and such, which would be more relevant to a home user since they would have a router doing double or triple duty. Whereas the pro user would just set it and forget it in a particular base or in a table, etc.

    I ended up choosing a Makita Router Kit that had the fixed and plung bases for $230 ::link::
    It’s a 2.25HP unit, so it may be a bit overpowered for some jobs. So I’m also exploring a smaller laminate trimmer style router which I’m looking strongly towards PC or Bosch for that.

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