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Sizod — henceforth to be called the King of deal-finding — sent in this sweet sale today: a 2-pack of 9-LED aluminum pocket flashlights for $6.  Hell, we thought we’d found a deal when we saw some LED flashlights for $4 each at HF.  Compared to this, HF is price gouging.

From GoldenGadgets.com, these lights are powered by 3 AA batteries, and 3-3/4″ long by 1-3/16″ in diameter, and feature aluminum bodies.


2-Pack of 9-LED Aluminum Pocket Flashlights [GoldenGadgets.com]


12 Responses to Deals: Two 9-LED Aluminum Flashlights for $6

  1. Toolaremia says:

    Add a few dollars for shipping… Cross-country it’s $2.07 for US mail, $4.05 for Priority mail, and $9.19 for UPS ground.

  2. Beware of LED flashlights that use 3 batteries. This means they can get away with just a current-limiting resistor to protect the LEDs. While this is cheap, it’s inefficient and means the LEDs don’t operate anywhere near peak brightness during most of the batteries’ life.

    There are some very nice ones (the MagLED series, for instance) that use 3 batteries and include real current regulators, but in the cheapie department, it’s a sure sign of worthless guts.

    My current favorite LED flashlight is a single-AA model, design apparently inspired by the Inova X1 but much more cheaply executed (it was $6). Because a single cell can’t produce the voltage required to illuminate a white LED, it includes a voltage booster circuit, which also serves as current regulation. Hence, maximum brightness throughout the battery’s entire life, and very good efficiency.

    When I’m shopping for cheapies, I look for a solid switch mechanism, and 1 or 2 batteries, never 3.

  3. bbot says:

    Goldengadgets is somewhat famous in the hobbyist flashlighter world as a maker of some very, very cheap flashlights. They’ve been around for four years, so the lights aren’t complete junk, but don’t expect water resistence, don’t expect any resistence to shock, and don’t expect it to be well made at all.

    But they are cheap, and they do emit photons.

  4. Rick says:

    Not sure if anyone else noticed.. but there were two customer reviews for those lights, and they were both very positive. I ordered a 2-pack – we’ll see what I end up getting.
    If they’re decent, I might just pick up another couple of two packs..
    I can keep one in each car, and one hanging on the key rack, and the rest in toolboxes.. I’ll keep you guys posted.

  5. Michael B says:

    I have not been impressed at all with the ‘throw’ of cheap LED flashlights. They are using cheap LEDs and reflectors so your beam is really only good for stuff that is up close, more than 10 feet and it is too dim. Could be useful in some situations though

  6. nrChris says:

    For the price, I bought a pair–one for my the glove box in my car and one for my wife’s. They are small enough to take up almost zero space and it beats having to get out of the car and dig around in the trunk for a bigger flash light.

  7. Fred says:

    I’d buy a $3 flashlight to throw in the car along with a $4 disposable camera.

    I have a Nikon for serious photography. The disposable camera is there to be sure I have a camera if I ever need one. I wouldn’t want the Nikon just banging around in the car.

    Same here; I wouldn’t want to buy a Maglite just to have it banging around in the car. These little flashlghts look like they will do just fine for casual use.

    My general tool rule is get the best I can afford if it’s something I wlll use a lot and otherwise get something that works.

  8. Nick Carter says:

    I bought these for the kids ($3.99 ea. at Bi-Mart), one broke when dropped as the lens/LED assembly is just pressed into place. Should be easy to repair if I ever have the time. They are bright and cheap, which is good.

  9. PwntALIVE says:

    These flashlights are the cheapest POS ever. i got 2 and the switch was bad on one. the LED array was bad on the other. i got 1 good light of the 2 and even then you have to bang on it sometimes to get it to work. BUT its super easy to mod. i dropped UV leds into mine to make a very portable UV curing light

  10. AhPu says:

    In Hong Kong, they sell for $10 HKD on the street. That is about $1.28 USD.

  11. Rick says:

    I just got mine. They both worked fine and I’m very happy with them for the price. I’m ordering 4 more as gifts and I thought of a few more places where they would come in handy. If I get a chance, I’ll show a comparison of its light output compared to a 2xAA Maglight. (This offers more usable light IMHO for general illumination.)

  12. woot says:

    they are still cheap at homedepot.
    that being said, they are still low end stuff, still far better than low end incandescent of the past.

    and don’t recommend maglite, those things are overpriced for the obsolete technology they represent. they don’t even have a thumb switch, making them a two hand turn on instead of a one hand thing. they get by on their name at this point. the led they use is not the newest tech. x watt rating is only partially informative. newer tech 1 watt is much brighter than older tech 1 watt for instance. other than luxeon there are other brands like cree. they all have brighter versions of the led than the ones mag sells and have so for quite some time now. which makes the premium mag charges a bit absurd really.

    flashlightreviews.com or candlepowerforums for more info i guess. as said, these lights do work, but very short range as they basically have no focus. its all spill.

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