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Greg writes: “I’ve got a long term project car in the garage.  When I’m done working on it, I need to move the car out of the way so I can park in the garage.  I’ve seen these wheeled platforms that go under the wheels and wanted to know what you guys think of them.”

I have the ones pictured above — cheap versions from Harbor Freight for $80 a pair (or $160 per car) — and I’m not incredibly impressed with ’em.  They work, but they’re not nearly as great as I thought they’d be.

We mentioned a set a while back from Griot’s Garage that looked a bit more practical in that they include a hydraulic lift system.  You slide them around the wheel, then jack ’em up to lift the car up.  The downside: they’re $300.

Have any of you used these extensively?  If so, let us know about your experiences in comments.

2 Pc. Vehicle Dollies [Harbor Freight]


6 Responses to Hot or Not? Vehicle Dollies

  1. Eli says:

    I saw a set of the pump jack style from HF. Good price, would work for a while anyway. Probably have cheap seals or something.

  2. Julian Tracy says:

    The “real” ones are called Go-jacks and I think they’re made by SnapOn.

    We’ve used them for years in a car-shooting photo studio and with a smooth floor – they’ll wheel around just about anything you can put on them.

    They are not hydraulic at all, but merely a foot-lever spring held click-stop type system. You use your own weight as leverage to “jack” the tire up.

    If I need some for my own garage – the Go-Jacks would probably be worth the money. They can be “installed” on a car in as little as 4 minutes total (about 1 minute per wheel), and can be switched between cars in about the same time. They remove with a type of quick release. They also make a rolling rack to store the Go-jacks on and I highly reccomend you either buy one or fabricate one – the jacks are a pain to store otherwise.


  3. nrChris says:

    I believe that the Go-Jack system is what is used to place cars in position at auto shows. Like anything it depends on how much automotive work you are doing. Certainly not worth a one or two time use at $160. It would probably be worthwhile if you were a car thief though.

    “Hey stop those guys, they are walking away with my car!”

  4. Rick says:

    All this talk of pushing cars around reminds me of this picture.

  5. Abe says:

    NOT! I have these and they are a royal pain to use. They don’t roll very well and the casters don’t pivot very well. It’s difficult to move even a 2,200# car with these. Some of the hardware that came with them didn’t have threads!!!

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